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By Mairie "Mary Appins" Heijnen on February 8, 2017

Instead of evil pigs trying to steal the eggs of innocent birds, the birds are the bad guys this time around. Several sparrows are very hungry and have a craving a bite of a small little goldfish named Goldie; the only little fish left in the big pond...

So this time we won't help the birds, we will help the little goldfish Goldie. And even though I like fish sticks and a good surf and turf menu never sounds like a bad idea, I won't let anything happen to the fish. We will protect Goldie with all the weapons we have... which are, to be exact... five F*%#&ing arrows. Yes, FIVE! Not 4, not 6, 5... FIVE! That is all we have to kill the attacking birds and make sure we don't get attacked ourselves. Yes, the birds learned some tricks from the pigs and they are trying to attack you as well. Damn those nasty winged vermin!

Okay, we've established where the name of the game comes from; we have to kill some sparrows with a small amount of arrows, to make sure Goldie is safe. Let's get going on the game itself! But first, something that's been bothering me since I got this game. Ever since I started the app I can't, for the life of me, figure one thing out. The style of drawing reminds me of something, I don't know what cartoon or game; it just reminds me of something. So please, if you find out let me know, I am really desperate to find out.

Now, let's move on to the game itself! The plot is clear and the general idea is as well. The general view of the level is easy, you see a pond with Goldie swimming in it. On the left side of the pond, there is a small piece of land, complete with a palm tree and a crossbow. This crossbow is the one you are going to use to kill the sparrows. The first disadvantages of the game is the fact that the crossbow is at the left. I am right-handed so playing on the left side of the screen is a bit tricky. And I didn't find a way to change this. Maybe something to think about for the next update?

Besides that, the game is rather straight forward; kill the red sparrows and make sure the other sparrows don't get in the way. There are several types of sparrow that can make life quite a bit more difficult than it needs to be. As I said, the birds use some of the same tricks as they did against the pigs. There is a pink one with a bomb which will destroy the crossbow if it gets close enough, A blue one with an egg sending out diversion signals and some more that all use special tactics to help their brethren kidnap Goldie. Over time there will be more and more sparrows blocking your shot at the ones actually eyeing Goldie. This, as one may suspect, makes each level more and more difficult.

However, there is something you can use against this growing difficulty, and no surprise it isn't "free". By killing sparrows you earn their feathers. And these feathers act like currency. If you can't take the sparrows with the standard 5 arrows you have some extra options. First of all 3 arrows instead of 1. This improves your chances of actually hitting the bird you are aiming for. Besides that there is even an automatic version of the crossbow, all you have to do is aim. But yeah, those options aren't free and cost 1000 or 2000 feathers. It may sound like a lot, mostly because it IS A LOT! However these measures are necessary from time to time. Without these options I wouldn't be able to get through some of the levels. Next to extra arrows, there is also a bubble which neutralizes the bombs, keeping yourself safe from their explosions. So yeah... if you want to progress through the game, you will sometimes have to spend a few feathers for your own good.

In general, the game is fun to play; the difficulty can be quite tricky at some points but that is what keeps it interesting. Some improvements could be made for right-handed people (or, at least, people who are only good at doing things with their right hand, like me) but overall the game is good and fun. So release your inner Robin Hood and bring down those pesky soaring scoundrels. We must protect Goldie at all costs!

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Bit Craft Studios
January 25, 2017