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By Mairie "Mary Appins" Heijnen on October 6, 2017

All the tough guys out there might just want to look away at this time and not read this review. Unless, that is, you want to get in touch with your feminine side and get down with girl talk. This is a app game made for high school girls or the grown up ones (like me) wanting to relive (an improved version) of their high school or university days.

The game is like reading the diary of a high school kid going to college. At least the book that I chose in the game was. This app game by Pixelberry Studios is called Choices: Stories you play and it is all about... yes, you may have guessed where this is going... reading stories and making choices. During the story surrounding your character you have to make some (important) choices. And the choices you make will affect the storyline. Some more than others, but nevertheless.

Now, I can hear some you ask: what is it that makes playing this game so much fun? Well, as I said it brings you back to your high school/university days. At the moment I am reading/playing a book named "The freshman" and it is about a freshman student who gets into all sorts of trouble. From her love life till the presidential campaign (at the university); really all the cliché stuff that you'd imagine happens at a university is incorporated in the game. Friends that confess their love for someone or the other, and even bitchy sorority girls that try to make your life a living hell. Sounds like a perfectly normal university to me.

As you've might noticed, I mentioned it being a "book" that you'll have to read. And yes, it is mostly that. There is a lot of reading various texts involved and not much of gameplay that you might find in most of the other apps I wrote a review about. But that doesn't mean it is a boring or bad game. It is like a good cliché book on your phone in which you play a role and can even influence the outcome of the storyline at hand. There are a multitude of different books for you to read, ranging from the high school drama type that I am reading at the moment, to super hero stories or even a good mystery detective story. So even if you don't enjoy a chick flick, there are still plenty of other stories to choose from.

The "game" is quite simple and straight forward. You just read the book and make the choice that most suits you in any given situation. Most of the choices are easy and you will have enough time to read them over and think about it, just like in real life. Although, sometimes, in real life you'll have to make split second decisions. The fun thing about Choices is that they've even incorporated these choices as well. You will come across timed choices that give you just several seconds to make your decision. Okay, so the game might not be as simple as I've let on. Besides the timed choices, not all the choices you can make are free. Sometimes, you will actually have to pay for the (often) most logical choice at hand. And paying means it will cost you money, even real money if you choose to go there. As many of these freemium games, the game itself is free but the extras will cost you money. Besides the fact that without paying you won't be able to go for the option you want all the time, it will also cost you if you don't have the patience to read the next chapter of the book.

As always, I won't pay for in app extra's, but if that is what you want to do, hey, knock yourself out! I always opt for waiting (for 2,5 hours) until I get the next key to read the next chapter. And I will also wait and collect the diamonds, by reading chapters, to get enough in-game currency to make the decisions I want.

So, let's summarize, shall we? Playing Choices is like reading a book in which you play the main character. For anyone who is actually old enough to remember; the basic premise is mostly reminiscent of the "Choose your own adventure" books from the 80's and 90's. You will have to make decisions and choose which will have an influence of the story line of the book. Sometimes the logical choice will cost you money but often, there are enough satisfactory answers to choose from. You can read several books at once and the books come in a wide variety. I can only say that I really love Choices and am happy to report that I am going to be reading for quite some time!

So, all that is really left for me to say at this time is: "happy reading and choose wisely!"

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September 25, 2017 (version 2.0.2)