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By Mairie "Mary Appins" Heijnen on July 1, 2015

From a Ranger who tames monsters for a living to a dog who runs after Dino-bones; my previous reviews where kind of all over the place. This month's review will add an for me yet untouched category in mobile gaming, because this month I am the Queen of my own castle. And no, I'm not talking about the overly popular Clash of Clans, but about a game that's graphics-wise far superior: Clash of Kings. In this game, you are the ruler of your very own Kingdom, which you'll have to develop, expand and even protect. If you want to, you can even join an alliance, which I did. Yes dear reader, I am now a proud member of the fearsome Dutch Dragon Slayers (DDS).

Right from the start, this game just looks amazing; the graphics are absolutely fantastic for an app game. I would recommend playing it on a tablet instead of a smart-phone. The bigger screen will give you even more advantages and lets you fully enjoy the meticulously created artwork. When you first start playing, you go through a tutorial that teaches you to find your way around your kingdom and tells you what you should do next. Once you're familiar with the usual day to day business, you can start exploring your surroundings.

While roaming through your kingdom, you will encounter monsters that you can attack to collect items such as buffs, gold or other useful stuff. The main complaint heard from alliance members is that the monsters do not drop enough gold. This point of view is quite understandable, because as in real life, a fair amount of coin in your pocket will go a long way towards buying items that make your life that much easier. Apart from slaying monsters, one can also attack other Kingdoms... BUT WATCH OUT!!! Please don't go all Gung-ho and attack a member of another alliance on your own; I did and I regretted it instantly. The other members of that particular alliance will attack you within hours after you attacked one of their comrades, reducing your life expectancy to that of a donut in a police station. So as you can see, having an alliance is quite nice. They can help you with upgrading your Kingdom and also support you in your attacks. So find yourself a nice alliance to become part of.

As said earlier, to upgrade your Kingdom you need gold and preferably lots of it. Gold can be obtained in different ways; when I just started playing, I received some gold for joining an alliance and for doing some other basic activities. To really get the gold you could check your mail for new messages, because gold can be sent as an attachment. Besides gold, food and wood is also very important to collect. You can either build farms and let your loyal subjects grow the food and trees themselves, or you cloud go and harvest the things you need from surrounding farms and sawmills. To do this, much like attacking monsters or other Kingdoms, you need troops. To rally an army, strong enough to do your bidding, you will have to train your soldiers. One quick tip, if you would indulge me: just keep training soldiers constantly. Trust me, you canít have enough troops; they can die in battle and are always useful to have around.

When you upgrade your Kingdom and every single building in it, you will be able to train stronger troops, harvest more wood, gather more food, and so on. One of the major disadvantages in this reporters humble opinion is the fact that you can only upgrade one building at a time. One building can take several hours to upgrade, and the higher the level the longer it takes. You can shorten it by using buffs, but please keep in mind these are not in endless supply. And of course you could use gold, you can always use gold. There's only one drawback to this currency; much like in the real world, gold is pricey. In Clash of Kings, a pay to win system has been put in place, letting you spend your real money on digital gold. This gives you an advantage over other players that have a slightly lower allowance than you, but (like any pay to win system) feels like cheating. So, a real advantage would be if you could upgrade multiple buildings at any given time.

After upgrading your kingdom you will usually receive some kind of reward. Usually, this reward is given in the form of either food or wood, which you can use again to either train troops or upgrade another building. However, the costs of upgrading are high, and the farms donít produce enough raw material to keep up with the rising costs of running a five-star kingdom. Your troops also need some support to keep them going. So, either the costs of activities should go down or the production of materials should go up. Also, some of the people playing this game noted that the number of farms and sawmills spread across the world could be higher. But then again, we wouldn't want to make it too easy now, would we?

Then, there are the events. How could I forget about the events? Well, easy; I didnít partake in any events during the short time I had up till now to play Clash of Kings. But when you've been playing for a while, you might want to take part in one of the events, incorporated in this game. Some of these are more popular than others, but it's up to you to decide if you'd like to play them, or not. An example of one of these events is one where you have to go on a killing spree, earning as many kills as you possibly can. I honestly have to say that this is not my cup of tea, but if that's your thing just go for it.

So, to sum it all up: Clash of Kings is an amazing looking game, played by a friendly and lively audience. It is nice to be part of an alliance and to meet new people. Even though I only played the game long enough to write this review, I already loved the time with the alliance and would like to thank them for their input. I would recommend this game to everyone, at least if you have enough time to check up on it every few hours. It is a game you really should play and not use as a time filler in the train or while waiting at the dentist office.

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