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By Mairie "Mary Appins" Heijnen on April 6, 2016

Once again I grabbed my trusty old iPod touch and opened an app which I already had for several years. The many hours I have to travel, by train, each week are great to play this simple but addictive app. If you would play it in real life it would have cost you a fortune in coins and you would probably be broke in a very short amount of time.

So which, seemingly pointless but highly addictive, app am I talking about? Coin Dozer Pro. The app was €0,99 but it is much cheaper compared to the real-life version at the funfair. Because I loved the coin dozers at the funfair I just had to download this app. Back in the day a friend of mine was playing it as well.

The goal of the game is to make sure to push as many coins over the edge, making them drop into your money bin. By adding coins at the opportune moment, you’ll cause more and more coins to drop into the coin dozer. However, just doing this all the time is totally meaningless. It would be better to not drop coins at all and save your energy for other apps. However, the game is not that meaningless; you can collect toys, special coins and parts of a bigger puzzle. And you want to collect as many toys and puzzle pieces as possible. WHY? I don’t know why, just because, uhm... yeah… JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT TO! Just like all the meaningless TV shows you watch at night while you could be watching meaningful documentaries; you will choose the meaningless ones over the meaningful ones, just because they are more fun!

So yeah, your ultimate goal is to collect as many toys as you possibly can. You can collect teddy-bears, toy cars, yoyo’s , umbrella’s, diamonds, watches etc. etc. There are 4 colours; having 1 of each colours gets you an upgrade. However, collecting all colours is easier said than done. Beside the ledge at the end of the ally there are also gutters on either side of it. If toys, puzzles pieces or special coins drop into one of these gutters, they are lost. The fact that you can actually push objects you’re aiming for into the gutters of oblivion makes playing this game a bit more challenging. So maybe this app is not as meaningless as I said at the start of this review. However, a real goal… yeah maybe collecting all the pieces of special puzzles. This is fun and I got really excited every time I got a puzzle piece.

Okay, enough said about the content, let me say something about the looks of the app. The graphics might not be high-end, amazing or special, but why would you need them to be? The game looks good and there is not any lag... ever. The main screen is the coin dozer itself. You can tap in the area at the top of your screen to drop coins. The ledge where you want all these coins and items to fall off, is located at the bottom of the screen. In the top left corner, the amount of coins you currently have is displayed. When this number reaches zero, you will have to wait until you get a new coin before you can play on. I can honestly say that twenty-five seconds have never seemed so long than they do while waiting for your next coin. At the top centre of the screen you can see your current level, the amount of XP you need and the bonus you get when you level up. In the top right corner of the screen lets you look at things you have collected so far.

Besides the main element of dropping coins there is one other element I really love: Collection shake points! At a real funfair, you are not allowed to push against the machine to make the coins go over the ledge. Luckily for us, this is a virtual funfair and we get to do whatever the hell we want! At certain points you will be able to shake the Coin Dozer and, with a bit of luck, make coins, puzzle pieces and toys fall off the ledge.

So that’s my review about this very simplistic but fun and addictive game. I play Coin Dozer all the time during my train rides. The only time I put it away is when I am out of coins and have to wait to get more. Otherwise I would be playing it all the time!

available on:

Game Circus LLC
September 22, 2015 (version 15.5)