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By Mairie "Mary Appins" Heijnen on December 2, 2015

This is one of those apps which I just HAD to review. You canít be holding the main character of an app on your crew picture and not do a review about the app itself. However, due to the age of the original ones I had to wait until a new one came out... and it did! So here is the review of the game with the cutest, most adorable main character named Om Nom. The little guy absolutely loves candy, but then again, who doesnít?! I am more of a chocolate person myself, but sweets are always welcome at my place.

To start off I would like to address the one big complaint I have regarding the app. Come to think of it, this might actually be the only real complaint about the app; those f@*!$#&*g annoying add pop-ups which are all over the place. You can get rid of them in the free app by paying Ä2,53 which, in itself, is not a lot of money, but I just refuse to pay for apps to get rid of add pop-ups. Besides that, I know myself all too well; once I start paying money for an app, I just donít know when to stop (yes, Iím a bit of an App-aholic).

So, now that I got that off my chest, I will finally start reviewing the app itself. And I have to say: I absolutely love it!!! The start screen needs no explanation; just tap the play button to get to the levels. It must be said that the levels are more difficult than the ones in the earlier games in the series. You really need to think about your moves and consider several things. For instance, blocks of wood are attached to the candy with strings as well as several balloons. So how many balloons should I pop and how many blocks of wood I should cut offÖ Sometimes it is just a game of trial and error, endlessly trying several ways and see what the outcome is. But you really need to use your brain to get the candy to Om Nom. Besides this increase in attributes to deal with, there are also more friends included in the levels to help Om Nom (and you) get his beloved candy.

Besides the fact that the levels are more challenging, they are also MUCH MORE FUN! You really need to collect all 3 of the stars to get your medals. Well, at least, they look like medals. You will really need these medals to be able to unlock upcoming levels on the road. Yes, road; Om Nom is hopping from level to level on a candy paved road. How cute, right? Another new aspect of this app is that you can get several medals at each level. Medal 1 is achieved by collect all 3 the stars (just like the goal was in the first app), the second medal can be obtained by collecting fruits in the level. They had to make the game look a bit healthier, what with all that candy lying around. The third medal is obtained by collecting 0 stars, which turns out to be quite a bit more difficult then you may think.

Thus this 2.0 version of the great game ĎCut the Ropeí is even more fun than the original. It presents you with a lot more of challenges and forces you to really use those brain-cells. Apart from this, you can now play each level at least three times; each time, with a different goal in mind. If that doesnít add to the fun, then I donít know what does!

Oh, by the way; last but not least (this may be even better than all the levels combined, at least for a Om Nom lover like me), you watch see clips of Om Nom in a kind of mini cartoon series . When at the start screen, you can tap a camera button instead of the play button. This enables you to watch several adorable couple-of-minute clips, featuring the lovely Om Nom. I wonít spoil anything regarding these clips, but I will say this: ďOM NOM IS SO CUTE!Ē

Alas, we have already reached the end of this review. I hoped you enjoyed reading it as much as Iíve enjoyed playing Cut the Rope 2. I now know what I will ask Santa for Christmas; my own personal Om Nom! Or maybe even two, so I can just watch them play together!

available on:

December 19, 2013 (iOS)
March 28, 2014 (Android)