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By Mairie "Mary Appins" Heijnen on September 2, 2015

The summer holidays are over so itís back to work or school for the most of us. But what if there was a nuclear disaster, what would we do then? Thank god, or maybe technology and science, for the many Shelters out there. With the newest app-game Fallout Shelter you can create one of your very own, and that is just what I did. Being a business major, it should be doable to keep the Vault up and running like clockwork... but that turns out to be easier said than done.

To be honest, I even made two vaults; the first was a try-out and didnít work the way I planned, the second went really bad for a day but it is all happy, happy, joy, joy at the moment. At the start of the game you get your basic vault which you will have to expand and fill it with people youíll have to keep alive and happy. The Dwellers will stand in front of your vault door and wait until they can come inside. The fact is you have to let them in, because that is the right thing to do. And those Dwellers (who are normal people btw, not horribly disfigured nuclear freaks) can help to keep your water running, grow and process food and produce electricity.

Now to give you an impression of the look of the app; you always have an overall view of your vault. By clicking on a room you zoom in, by clicking on a dweller you get the info about that dweller. In the top right corner of your screen thereís a hammer icon that brings you to the build option. By clicking in the top left corner gives you an overview of all the dwellers in your vault and their basic stats. Clicking the bottom right corner opens a pop-up menu with all types of options. The bottom left corner works as a camera; clicking on it will create a screenshot. Moving around dwellers from room to room is just like in rollercoaster tycoon, click-drag-drop.

The first vault I created had too much Dwellers to start off, at least I thought I had too much of them. However, I just had to build more rooms to keep them busy. Rooky mistake; my bad, but it happens. So I was wondering, canít I just throw out the useless ones with low specializations. Easy answer: no you canít, because that is anti-social. Out there, beyond the thick front door of your sturdy vault, is the wasteland. If you just send them out there, they will get killed. So youíll have to take care of them, because itís just the right thing to do!

So yes, the first vault went bad really quick, but the second one went a lot better. It still had some difficulties, but it turned out pretty damn good. You see, you need enough water and food to keep your Dwellers happy and healthy; if they donít get water they will get sick. And sick people are neither happy nor productive. However, youíll need electricity to keep your water plant running, so make sure to maintain and keep it up and running! To summarize: you should have enough water, food and power rooms, and also enough Dwellers to operate them. So, yes you should be happy if new Dwellers come to your vault door. When constructing my second vault I ran into the problem of having too little dwellers to perform all the tasks needed to run the vault. You can choose to breed them yourself, using the dwellers already in your vault. Just put a man and a woman (a gay couple canít get children) in the common room and wait. To speed things up you can put them in nightwear, and even naughty nightwear to boost their charisma and make sure they get attracted to each other and go off to find some nice quiet place to make some babies. The more Dwellers you get the more rooms you can have, and the more options you will have in terms of construction, development and family planning.

Overall, Fallout Shelter is a pretty nice game which is even a bit addictive. Youíll just want to keep tabs on what is going on. I know, to some of you, this game may sound boring, but let me assure you it is way more than just keeping the vault running. You should keep raiders out, who are also people but definitely neither normal nor nice. You should also keep cockroaches out, as well as make sure the damn thing doesnít burn down and make sure you get new Dwellers to expand your vault. And of course go and check the wasteland for useful things. That last bit is quite fun, or at least really addictive. You send a well-trained and well-prepared dweller outside to explore the wasteland and you can check-in at every moment to see what he or she has found or came across. However, make sure you give the one you send out all the things he or she needs. First of all, a weapon to kill anything dangerous. Second of all, some medical supplies to keep that dweller up and running. The best dwellers to send out are the ones that have a higher level and a huge amount of luck. You can increase luck, or any other specialization, with special sets of clothes. This can be also very useful in any single room of the vault.

So in conclusion: Fallout Shelter is a really nice app and a great game to keep you busy for many hours on end. Just go and try it out for yourselves and keep as much dwellers safe and sound inside your vault.

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Bethesda Game Studios , Behaviour Interactive & Bethesda Softworks
June 14, 2015 (iOS)
August 13, 2015 (Android)