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By Mairie "Mary Appins" Heijnen on December 7, 2016

You might remember my review about Pokémon Go and the fact that I went nuts over that app. Besides Pokémon I have another fandom which I am totally nuts about. I am a nineties kid (born 1990) so besides Pokémon another big thing in my youth was Harry Potter. Friends of me know not the mention the topic if they don't want to spend the next couple of hours talking (or mostly hearing in my case) about it. So the fact that there is a new movie, set in the wizarding world which has its own app game just made me go crazy. Thank god this time I didn't have to fight my crewmembers to get the game. I am the only nutjob concerning Harry Potter in the entire crew. Yay for me!

So yeah, I was freaking out when I found out there was an app coming out. I really tried to get my hands on a beta key or early access and all that stuff. But sadly enough, I had to wait like all those other Muggles (or Nomags for the American readers among us) until it came out. And as excited as I was when I heard of this app, so disappointed I became the first time I played it.

Let's make one thing very clear; I absolutely adore everything about Harry Potter and you could do absolutely everything that you wanted when building a game around this magical universe. I mean, it is a WIZARDING WORLD full of magic and amazing creatures. So, I was a bit disappointed when I found out that this particular game was a hidden object game...

The last app I reviewed was also a point and click based hidden object game. And I liked it, it was cute but that is about it. It's not that I don't like this particular genre; it's just that I really think that a game about the Harry Potter universe could be so much more that searching for objects. But, thankfully, this one had a good portion of wizarding world stuff incorporated into it. Everything is related to the wizarding world. From the objects you have to find to the cases you have to solve. You need to get "stars" in order to examine certain clues, which in turn you'll need to find the "criminal", aka the magical creature.

Although this all works fine, the game needed something more to get me excited, and thankfully it did. Besides the basics there were some extra wizard world related features. During the game you need magic to solve the cases, using spells and potions. And, of course, you'll need to learn them first, before you are able to use them. So the big disappointment that I felt at the start of the game went away and made room for my excitement about learning spells and whatnot. Even more so after the I solved the first case, because then you start going to more and more famous Harry Potter related locations.

The game itself is, as I've said earlier, a normal hidden object crime solving game. You must find clues and search different locations in order to collect them. The wizarding world touch can be found in the fact that some hidden objects are wizarding objects. However, there are also many "normal" ones. Nevertheless, it is a great touch! To investigate the objects you need to use spells, which adds an extra bit of magic to the game.

Coincidentally, when I was searching online for the stats regarding this app, I found out that google has put a magic touch to there "google app" as well. When you talk to google and say: "Lumos", the flashlight on your phone turns on. When you say: "Nox" it turns off again. Cool, isn't it?

So, what to say. Maybe best thing to say is: nice try. The game is actually quite a bit of fun if you like Hidden Object games. Yet, I still think you could do so much more. And maybe I just don't have the patience for this genre of game. I already had to have six long years for this movie to come out and I'll probably will have to wait another two years for its sequel. But I just don't want to have to wait an hour to be recharged before I can investigate any further. And NO, I don't want to pay money to speed up this process! I will already go and see the movie several times and buy enough merchandise to fill an entire house, so that's where my money is going!

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Mediatonic & Warner Bros Games
November 17, 2016