mairie;;rpg;;ccg;;star wars;;galaxy of heroes;;app;;ios;;android;;ea Mairie "Mary Appins" Heijnen Can anyone guess what last month was all about? No, not the holidays or even New Yearís Eve. Last month was all about another phenomenon that has taken the world by storm: STAR WARS.


By Mairie "Mary Appins" Heijnen on January 7, 2016

Can anyone guess what last month was all about? No, not the holidays or even New Yearís Eve. Last month was all about another phenomenon that has taken the world by storm: STAR WARS. The long awaited 7th instalment finally came to the big screen and all the fans couldnít wait to see it. After (too) many years of waiting, they finally had a (valid) reason to take out there lightsabres and use the Force. But long before the movie came out a new app was already available for all those Star Wars fans out there. Even though I donít see myself as a huge Star Wars fan (Personally, I am waiting for the 16th of November of this year), I had to take this opportunity to review this most amazing app. Please donít hate me if I get some of the Star Wars facts wrong. I know so little about Star wars that, in fact, I thought that Stormtroopers were robots and not humans who are wearing special gear.

But let us not dwell on my ignorance on the subject, but get started with the actual review of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. It is an EA game so, as is to be expected, the graphics are great. On the start screen you see Luke fighting Dart Vader, and the background is filled with other main characters from both the Dark Side as well as the Light Side. The Main screen is essentially a hologram desk which shows both the dark side as well as the light side. You start of as a member of the light side, as we all do of course; we only join the dark side over time. This game seems to be based (or at least, I think it is) on about every Star Wars movie ever made and contains characters and vehicles from The original trilogy, the prequel trilogy, the Clone Wars, and so on, and so on, and so on!

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a MCCRPG. A what?! A Mobile Collectible Card Role Playing Game. And although this is a fairly roundabout way of categorizing a game, the game itself is quite easy to understand and master. At the right bottom side of the start screen, daily activities are listed. It is here that you can check what you have achieved during the day and claim your rewards. By claiming them you will get much needed XP, training droids, crystals and other useful items. At the left side of the screen there are several circles to click on. By clicking on characters you can see all the characters you can currently select for battle and you can train them. You are also able to sell items you have collected, as well as go to your inbox and see your achievements. With the crystals you have claimed as your reward, you can buy data cards. These cards contain new characters, most of them really famous Star Wars characters.

The main idea of the app is to fight in the never-ending battle against the opposing side. As Iíve explained earlier, you start on the Light Side and so you will battle against the Dark Side. As you reach level 12, you can unlock the Dark Side and start your campaign against those goody two shoes from the Light Side. By tapping the desk in the middle of the screen (where both the Dark and the Light side are depicted) you will go into battle. Each battle features 3 rounds, each round becoming increasingly more difficult than the previous one. Each battle is part of a path of several battles, also steadily increasing in difficulty.

The battle is pretty straight forward; you must make sure you defeat the opponent while trying to keep as many of your characters alive as you possibly can, so they live to fight another battle. The major disadvantage (but a realistic fact) is that your characters donít magically come alive after each round. Thus, if two of them die in the first round, they wonít come back in the second or third round. This basically means that you must plan your campaign carefully in order to make sure most of your characters stay alive.

At the start of the game, each character has two actions; at least one of them being an offensive action (attacking one or more opponents) and sometimes even one defensive action (healing etc.). It is important to plan your strategy carefully in order to maximise your characterís potential. Besides playing tactically it is also important to make sure you level up your characters. Make sure you use your training droids or points (or whatever they are called). This can be done in the character screen by tapping on the train button at the bottom left of the individual characterís screen. After selecting which characters to train, you can start actually training them by clicking on the bottom right after assigning the required training droids.

It is a fun game which, at the start, can be a bit misleading. It doesnít sound as strategic and tactical as it really is. At the start I thought it would be far less strategy and tactics involved (didnít read the introduction when I downloaded it). As one might gather from the name, the theme of the game is Star Wars. That is also the part that makes the game really fun; the fact that the entire game is Star Wars themed definitely will attract a lot of players that might usually not play this type of games. My beloved boyfriend, for instance, likes Star Wars and says that this is what makes the game fun. And although I get what heís saying , I still partly have to disagree with him; The Star Wars theme is indeed a lot of fun, but even if you swapped it out for an entirely different theme, it would still be a very well put together and engaging game.

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November 24, 2015