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By Mairie "Mary Appins" Heijnen on March 1, 2017

Normally we here at don't get involved in politics of any kind, mainly because it would be politically incorrect to do so as a gaming review website. However, since there is a lot going on in the world of politics we can't look away anymore. The second largest economy in the world (or at least almost) is going to choose their new leaders in just over two weeks.

We, the Dutch, have a good sense of humour if it comes down to politics. And we are also the translate this great humour into something hysterical. You might know (even if you're not Dutch) the viral movie in which we present the Netherlands to president Trump. If not, you can check it here, it might just get you in the right mood for more political shenanigans.

The creators of said movie are the very same ones that are responsible for an app, concerning Dutch politicians: Kamergotchi. Naturally, the app looks a bit like the good old fashioned Tamagotchi from where it got its name. Remember those little eggs with the creatures inside that you had and, more importantly, had to feed every several hours? If you forgot please check on the little guy or girl; they might even still be waiting for you, if you're really lucky. But okay let's be honest; nobody could keep their Tamagotchi alive for more than a week (except for Sheldon Cooper of course). And to be brutally honest; at a certain point in the proceedings it even became more fun to let the little guy suffer than it was to keep him happy and well-fed.

The developers have taken this exact idea and turned it into an app that's reminiscent of Tamagochi, but with one major difference! The most important difference is the fact that the creatures you have to keep alive, are no longer cute and cuddly fantasy beings. No sir, they are now the leaders of the Dutch political parties. You may or may not know any of the following people: Sybrand Buma, Arie Slob, Alexander Pechtold, Henk Krol, Mark Rutte, Emile Roemer or even Geert Wilders. In total we have over thirty political parties which are all trying to get into the government. So, to get to know them a little bit better, you now can spend hours and hours feeding them, loving them and giving them all the knowledge they need.

On the other hand, you can just abandon them and make them suffer and beg, which also is a lot of fun. When you give them too much food love and knowledge, they start complaining and don't want your attention for several minutes. If you abandon them, they will die at a certain point. Luckily, you will get a new political leader to look out for if that happens. Yes, here in Holland, we trust the people to look after our political leaders, although that might not be the wisest of decisions...

As you can see the idea and game play of the app doesn't need a lot of explanation. Just try to keep the political leader alive and happy. Or just don't and enjoy watching them suffer. This part might not be as interesting for people who are not Dutch, because if they complain, they complain in Dutch. Besides that, they even react (almost real time) on current Dutch political issues.

Now I just wonder, will the political leaders also play this game? And if they do will they give all the love, food and knowledge to their assigned political leader or let them suffer as well? We will never know the truth behind that.

So, in short; You can either learn to speak Dutch and play this game, or have one made for your own country's government; whichever takes the least amount of time! Man, I can't wait till the Trump version comes out!

available on:

VPRO (website in Dutch)
February 19, 2017