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By Mairie "Mary Appins" Heijnen on June 6, 2016

If there are two franchises that go together like milk and cookies, it has to be Final Fantasy and Disney. This has been proven many times over with the release of various Kingdom Hearts games, the eighth of which was a 2013 browser game called Kingdom Hearts Χ. Now, three years later, this game has been released for mobile devices under the name: Kingdom Hearts Unchained Χ. So letís see what all the fuss is about, shall we. Onwards my friends, into battle! Letís show these Heartless whoís boss!

First off, I just have to say that it takes some time before you can start playing the actual game. When youíve installed it on your mobile device, youíre not out of the woods yet! Youíll still have to download several additional parts of the game before you can get cracking. So, when you start up Kingdom Hearts Unchained Χ for the first time, make sure you have: A) a wifi-connection and B) enough time to spare. You wonít be able to use your mobile for quite some time. Because when you close the game it stops downloading. You could try and open up a second screen, but this would negatively impact your data connection. But, although it does take some time to complete the entire installation, the game itself is definitely more than worth the wait.

Besides that, the tutorial takes quite long to complete and thereís no way (at least, not that I have discovered) to quit the tutorial and start the game itself. So, for several quest the games force you to take specific steps and to do specific things. And while this may seem somewhat overly long to the more experienced Kingdom Hearts players among us, when you do get through the somewhat slow start youíll discover that Kingdom Hearts Unchained Χ is an amazing game. I love Disney and all of its movies and shows, so you might not be surprised about the fact that I reeeeeaaaaaally couldnít wait to play this game.

The start of the game is relatively calm and straight forward; You just kill the heartless, which is pretty easy, and run around collecting stuff. However, once you get the hang of it you will find more options in the game, some of which become the best part of said game. At your disposal, you have your keyblade with medals added to it. These medals all represent different attacks with which you can reduce the Heartless to ashes. These medals can be optimized and upgraded by using other medals. In doing so, you will get better attacks and you will kill off the heartless even quicker. Over time, you will get better medals and several keyblades, all with their own special abilities.

The game is made up out of many, many quests that are usually grouped together, based on the Disney tale they belong to. For instance, the first group is based on Snowwhite and the seven dwarfs; you must help Doc find the other Dwarfs. Each quest has a certain target (heartless) which you much defeat, so make sure you collect all the stuff lying around (the sparkling stars) before you start attacking the target heartless. Once you have defeated it, the current quest automatically ends.

Attacking comes in three variations; one, just tap on one of the heartless, and your attack will be aimed directly at that enemy. Two, you can swipe across several heartless in order to do an area attack that hits multiple targets. Third and lastly, thereís the special attack! This attack can only be used when your medal is glimmering. This glimmering activates the special attack, which can be executed by swiping the medal towards the Heartless. In doing so, you can make use of your special, more powerful attack.

Overall I just love the game and it also really made me want to start playing Kingdom Hearts games on my Nintendo DS as well. Although I have had them for quite a while now, I have never played them, a fact for which I am feeling quite ashamed right now. But, I am sure I will keep on playing Kingdom Hearts games from now on. Especially Kingdom Hearts Unchained Χ, now that I have joined a party made up out of really nice other players. This multiplayer mode is also a really nice part of the game, but I will let you figure that out by yourselves.

available on:

Square Enix
September 3, 2015 (JP)
April 7, 2016 (NA)
June 16, 2016 (EU)