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By Mairie "Mary Appins" Heijnen on April 5, 2017

I came across the app on Facebook via an advertisement in my feed. My first reaction when I saw it was: OMG A DISNEY VERSION OF ROLLERCOASTER TYCOON! Let me pop the precious bubble by saying: NO it's not like that. It is neither better or worse; it's just not what I expected it to be at first!

But what is it then? Yes, you have your own Disney theme park. However, you don't just build rides and drag people around and, oh yes, drop them from too great a height, like we all did in rollercoaster tycoon. But enough about that game, lets focus on the game at hand.

You start off with a small Disney park with only Mickey as your friend. But soon enough you'll get the chance to make your group of friends grow and get Goofy as well. Besides that you can buy Pluto for 100 something diamonds, something I didn't do because I still refuse to pay for an app. However, feel free if you want to. Besides plenty time you will also have an overload of diamonds so you can spare a 100-ish.

But let's go on. The general idea of the game is that the villains of the Disney universe took over the park and you have to defeat them in order to get the park back and lift the curse that haunts it. That is why you only have a small part of the big park too start off with; there is a curse resting on the remaining parts of the park. The first villain you have to defeat is fat old nasty Pete, the neighbour of either Goofy or Mickey, I can never remember which. Although... he was in the Goofy movie (which was awesome btw) and, in that movie, he was Goofy's neighbour... Oh well, let's get back to the game.

In many (app)games the villain will be defeated in a final hour-taking mission, and let's just say that Disney Magic Kingdoms is no exception to that rule. But before you can even think about starting that mission there are many, many other missions you must first complete. Some are easy, buy a bench, some are hard, aka they take a long time. However, most of them are done by the Disney characters and meanwhile the park just goes on with being... well... a park. And that is including the yelling and screaming kids.

These kids, by the way, must be kept happy in order for you to get bonus point. By fulfilling their wishes (aka though clouds) you earn happiness. With reaching new levels of happiness you'll receive several bonuses like more money, more items, etc. And money is needed to either expand your park or to buy or level up characters. As I've mentioned before, you start off with just Mickey and Goofy, but Disney wouldn't be Disney if they hadn't thrown in loads and loads of other characters. The first ones to unlock next are Woody and Buzz from the beloved Toy Story movie series. And they will help you over time to defeat the villainous Zurg from said movie. That is basically how the game develops; unlock new friends from a certain Disney movie and defeat the villain to match.

Over time you'll need more time, money, and objects to move along quests and unlock or level the needed characters you'll need to finish the level. However, your park will grow and you will have more and more characters walking around the park together with the kids that come to visit. This is a really nice feature, because you can really zoom into them and see them walking around buying food and even see the food in their hands. Also, you'll see your characters doing their bits (at least, if they're outside. So, as you might expect, there's enough to see and do. And while the zooming in is fun, the zooming out gets me frustrated every time. You can't zoom out that much from your standard view, making it impossible to oversee a lot of the park at once.

Besides that, Disney wouldn't be Disney if they didn't incorporate a bit of magic in the game. First off all you can find Chests all over the park, which you can unlock. However, this can take anywhere from 3 hours to up to 24 hours! Still, the longer the chest needs before it is unlocked, the better the reward. Besides the magic chests there is also some real magic performed by the beloved Merlin (once you have unlocked him). He will cast a spell to help you collect all the earned money and objects from the ride.

In short, Disney Magic Kingdoms is an amazing Disney game that got me and some other friends remembering their childhood again. I have already played this game for hours and hours and can't wait to level up even more and get rid of the curse that still haunts locked portions of the park. I'm pretty sure that, if you're into Disney, you'll get in the mood by just listening to the song at the start of the game!

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March 17, 2016