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By Mairie "Mary Appins" Heijnen on March 2, 2016

It is Pacmanís birthday; congrats, Pacman for turning way to old. Okay, I know itís not actually the gameís birthday but in Pacman Bounce, all of Pacmanís friends are waiting at his house to wish him happy birthday. However, Pacman isnít at home yet, so you must help him travel along the blue brick road to get home.

We all know the old fashioned Pacman game. The little yellow round ball with a face, always hungry for little dots and scared like hell of ghosts. We all played the game online or even on an old arcade machine or home console. The original Pacman game had just one level, but the difficulty kept increasing with each round, so it knew how to amuse us for hours and hours. In this modern day and age we wonít be satisfied with a game with just one level. The modern gamer wants more variety and different challenges.

So they modernized Pacman (something that has been done numerous times over the years) to give the game a new twist and make it appealing for the new generation of gamers. Nowadays, you can hardly call yourself a gamer if you just play games like Pacman. Back in the day however, the real gamers were the kids spending their hard earned money at the arcade.

Nevertheless, now we have a new and improved version of Pacman. The first thing I noticed when I started playing the game was the total and utter absence of the little dots that Pacman loved to eat for all those years. I donít know, maybe the modern version of Pacman is following the latest trends and is on a special ďdonít eat little dots dietĒ. Whatever the reason, because of his change in diet, he now needs to eat something else. And what better substitute for his trusty little dots than shiny golden stars! During each level you can eat (collect) up to 3 golden stars, but thatís not all; to finish the level you must also eat a key in order to unlock the next stage.

Ok, being a teacher in my normal day-to-day life lets me teach people a thing or two; angles of entry and exit for instance. Pacman is a ball (which might also be the reason for the diet), so he will bounce of most of the walls in the game; hence the name: Pacman Bounce. Some walls are impossible to bounce off and some have holes in them for you to fall through. But most walls will happily let you bounce off them, and thatís where the angles come in. In order to aim at your target, youíll have to get a grasp of the idea of corresponding entry- and exit angles. And, seeing as how youíll have to bounce off a lot of walls to get where you want to go, itís good to remember that the angle of entry is exactly the same as the angle of exit, but in the opposite direction. This will help you successfully bounce around to your heartís content.

Although it is a key ingredient, thereís more to the game than just bouncing around, hoping to collect stars. At the start of the game, Pacman can only move in one direction: forward. Items found in a level let you change this direction, however. There are three of these items, which all let you change the direction of Pacman in different ways. The first one is an arrow in a circle, which you can rotate 360 degrees towards the desired direction (sometimes into a wall to make Pacman bounce of it). Then there are two other types of arrows in squares; the white and the blue square. The white one is free to be moved around the level; the blue one is stationary and can only be used as is. So it is important tomake good use of all these arrows and send Pacman in the right direction to collect the stars and the key.

However, Pacman wouldnít be Pacman (they already stole our little dots) if there werenít ghosts you must avoid, or if possible, eat. Thankfully they left the ghosts basically the same as in the original game; they are moving around the level, occasionally blocking the key or a passage you need to get through, and you must make sure you donít touch them unless theyíre vulnerable. So they may have removed little dots from Pacmanís diet, he still likes to nibble on a vulnerable ghost once in a while.

As you move along, the levels get more complex, challenging you to figure out the correct route each time. But it is not just figuring out the route, sometimes it is all about the timing. As Iíve mentioned earlier, the ghosts are still present in the game. And, just like back in the day, you must avoid them, which may be easier said than done at times. So you might have figured out the perfect route, you may have to run the level several times because you bump into a ghost every single time (And yes, I speak out of personal experience; I also hate ghosts from now on), so beware and time your moves just right.

So, instead of just running around in all directions, eating eat as much dots as you can wrap your beak around, while at the same time either eat of avoid ghosts, this new version is more off a brain-teaser and needs your full attention. Oh, just one last thing; Pacman is getting older so he has less energy. If you donít succeed in completing a level you have to feed him one energy-unit. He only has 5 to start with, so when these run out, Pacman will need to take a nap to get his energy before he can start running and bouncing around again. Overall, Pacman Bounce is a fun game; I would, however, still want to play the original Pacman game an arcade once every now and then.

Oh last fun fact for you to try; Put a finger in your ear, yes just do it! Move it up and down in your ear. Apart from looking slightly silly, you might hear the sound of Pacman, munching away on his little Pac-dots.

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January 19, 2015 (latest version)