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By Mairie "Mary Appins" Heijnen on August 1, 2018

As some of you may already know, I am a huge Pokémon fan. Together with Harry Potter, it is my number one love of all time (sorry honey, I love you too). So, when Pokémon Go came out I was happy like a little girl, including the cheering and jumping around. However, I didn't get to play it as much and as fanatic as before. I just don't have the time to play extensively at the moment. Nevertheless, I am happy that I can count on the fact that there will always be a Pokémon app in my life. The one at the moment is called Pokémon Quest, which is a cute block-style game with all the best known, old school cube-shaped Pokémon to play with.

The idea of the game is, in general, pretty straight forward. You will have to explore the Tumblecube Island with your team of cube (and also cute) Pokémon friends and battle other Pokémon to be able to explore some more. It is pretty simplistic but nevertheless a lot of fun. It is a basic RPG "adventure" game in which you have to battle wild Pokémon with the help of Pokémon that are already in your team. This is all done during small quests, which take just a few minutes. Over time, the quests get more difficult (aka the wild Pokémon get stronger) but, don't worry. Your own Pokémon will also get stronger and stronger, because they will level up as the game progresses.

You start off with only one Pokémon in your team. The game lets you choose from a number of classic Pokémon favorites, including Pikachu or Eevee (I went for the latter). Over time, you'll meet more and more Pokémon as they show up in your base camp. These Pokémon will either appear at random or you can "lure" them in with your cooking skills. Depending on the recipe you cook, different Pokémon will be attracted to the smell of your meal. These Pokémon will become your buddies and can be added to your team, which consists of three Pokémon that you can select yourself. The most important part is that the total XP of your team is as high as possible. This is necessary when you go out and fight the wild Pokémon you come across during your expeditions.

The general idea of said expeditions is always the same; You explore a part of the island and come across several groups of wild Pokémon, which you have to beat to proceed. You just fight the wild Pokémon by clicking on the attack your Pokémon should do. As always, the attacks have some cooldown time, meaning you'll sometimes have to wait a few seconds before you can use a specific attack again. The attacks are the classic well-known attacks of the Pokémon you are using.

Besides these expeditions, you will be upgrading or adjusting your team most of the time. You can either "upgrade" the Pokémon in your team by equipping power stones you have collected during your travels, or you can train your Pokémon. This, however, means that the Pokémon you use in the training will leave and I really don't want any of my Pokémon to leave.

Because there are no humans on the island there is no such thing as a real story line. You just make sure you explore the island by beating the wild Pokémon you come across on your explorations and make sure you attract new buddies by cooking great dishes. As said, each dish (combinations of ingredients) will lure different Pokémon to your base camp, so try to get your hands on as many recipes as possible!

The block-style of the game doesn't give it a real Pokémon-feel straight away. It is more like playing Minecraft. However, meeting all these cute cube Pokémon will get that feeling back in no time flat, most of all because these are the classic 151 Kanto Pokémon which we all had in our childhood (at least I did, and I am still hooked on them). And they look even more adorable then before in their cuboid shapes.

As I always say about these freemium games: I don't spend money on mobile games. And luckily, Pokémon Quest doesn't push the after sales quite as hard as some of the other Freemium games out there. You can play the game even without buying extras. Over time you will obtain PM-tickets by unlocking parts of the Island or finding more Pokémon. These tickets are really useful when it comes to speeding things up, but that's it. So, if you're patient, it is not necessary to spend real money to proceed in the game.

I wouldn't say that Pokémon Quest is my all time favorite Pokémon game out there, but it sure is fun to play. Overall, I think it's a nice (but not that classic) Pokémon game which uses the good old fashion Pokémon I know and love from my childhood. And that, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, is always a plus in my book!

available on:

Game Freak & The Pokémon Company & Nintendo
May 30, 2018 (Nintendo Switch)
June 27, 2018 (Android, iOS)