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By Mairie "Mary Appins" Heijnen on April 11, 2018

We all know the Sims from when we played the games on PC or, later on, on our beloved console. As a teenager, I played the Sims on my pc and created my own world. Just like I did with my Barbies when I was a child. I simply loved building the most beautiful house, having an amazing career and being popular like you never been in high school. But most of all getting married to the love of your life...

...Oh, and please don't forget about torturing your Sims every once in a while or even letting them die by removing the ladder from the swimming pool. Yeah, we all did that as well. Come on, just admit it. We all felt the need to act like a little sadist occasionally.

Now, the amazing Sims game is also available as an app game. And because I am the app reviewer of this website, I had the privilege of reviewing this game (sorry Claudia). So, I installed this game and, for the first hour (or possibly even longer) I set out to create my own sims. Trying to make a digital figure look as good as I do seemed impossible and it was. My sim isn't even close to looking as good as I do. But okay, once I started the game I thought it would go like every other (old fashioned) sims game but no.... not at all. But please, don't fret! This isn't by any means a bad thing; it just takes some getting used to. As with many (almost all) app games the game revolves around completing tasks and missions and getting points to advance during the game. With the old version I just ran around trying to make a career and talking for hours to the guy I had a crush on (come to think about it; I did this in real life as well as a Sim) to get him to like me... And, of course, I tried my very best not to die from starvation, because I was terrible at cooking (okay that also does sound the real like me).

In the app version of the Sims, you have a to do a ton of stuff (like in my everyday life) and find missions to complete (let's call them dreams in my everyday life). By going to work and doing events (at work) you can earn different kind of "points". Some are related to your career, other are related to your house and so on. These points, once you've collected enough, will help you progress to a next level/chapter in your career. Doing these events is simple but fun, they are point and click based and don't take too long. The fun part is that you can take risks by doing some extra risky stuff which can either go great or fail miserably which, by the way, are both outcomes that are really fun to watch.

By playing the game, you unlock more locations, more careers and more other sims. You can go to parties to meet new sims and even find the love of your life. Until now, I tried to behave myself because I found the love of my life in real life and don't need one in a game (I did, however, need one as a teenager... poor teenage me).

So yes, The Sims Mobile is a fun game. It is not quite the same as the old fashion ones I played 10 years ago, but what the hell. It is a fun game to play while commuting to work, or during those rare moments during the day in which I don't have any deadline breathing down my neck (aka: while sitting on the toilet). Oh yes, one last thing; I haven't tried it, but I hope they have the cheat options like the games on PC once did, because then I would motherload for hours on end!!!

That's it for today, my friends! Enjoy the game and see you next month!

available on:

Maxis & EA Mobile
March 6, 2018