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By Mairie "Mary Appins" Heijnen on October 5, 2018

Okay, what did I expect of this game when I first started it? Well, quite a few things, to be honest, but none of them even came close to what this game really is. This being said, I was surprised by the complexity and overall depth of this game. Since I started my career as a reviewer at, I have played many app games of various sorts, but I can say the graphics and game dept in this one is truly great, maybe even the best I have seen so far. Right, let's dive off the deep end and see what Davey Jones has stashed in his locker, shall we?

So, what kind of game is Pirates of the Caribbean Tides of War? As an app player I am not well versed in the PC gaming genre, so please don't call me a noob for the following statement if I am wrong. It seems and feels a bit like Age of Empires or Rome: Total War and that was not what I expected from an app game. I thought it would me more like... like... like... well, something else, although I'm not quite sure what... As in more of a "let's get aboard our ship and sail from island to island!" kind of game, with different levels and stuff like that. Well, it is not. I almost never lookup a game before I review it. Only if I am not sure it is my thing. Well, pirates and boats and stuff like that I like, and everything Disney is usually fine by me. So I opened this game without knowing anything about it at all.

Now that we've established what the game is not, let's talk about what it is! Pirates of the Caribbean Tides of War is a free-to-play naval battle and base-building game that was first released on May 10, 2017, so it's been around for a while now. It's a game that is very layered in its gameplay and has tons and tons of stuff for the player to do. First of all, you have your own harbour with some places for ships some, buildings, a fortress and, of course, a gate and a pub, don't forget the pub! I mean, these pirates like their rum, and... basically all the other stuff that goes on in places of ill repute. That's why I was half expecting a brothel or two... oh well, I guess this kind of thing can also happen in the pub, if you're drunk enough...

Now, there is something no Pirates of the Caribbean game can do without, and that's the well-known characters of the movies. Luckily, Pirates of the Caribbean Tides of War has a plethora of those in stock! So, you start by choosing who you would like to play as from a range of above-average types of characters. Normally, I can't find a character that I really like as far as looks go, but that proved to be no problem whatsoever with this game. Surprisingly, the more difficult part was selecting a name, because the standard ones I normally use where already taken, which practically never happens to me... oh well!

Once I got my character and my name sorted, I started in the aforementioned harbour. This was where I was first surprised; I just didn't think it would be this kind of game. However, the game is amazing and due to the many layers of gameplay, you'll never get bored. You have to upgrade and improve your harbour, including all the buildings in it to fortify it enough so it can withstand enemy attacks. The same goes for your ships and pirates. But wait, that's not it; there's more! This is just the beginning.

You need these ships to attack mermaids and other mythical sea-creatures and of course the East Indian Trade Company who you, being a pirate, will definitely want to attack and steal from. This is done at "open" sea where you, together with other players, have your small island represented in the big blue. Besides attacking the sea-creatures and the merchant ships of the EITC you can attack other players. And they can attack you. So make sure your gates are upgraded to the max and check your harbour often, otherwise your chips will be set on fire, which kind of makes them hard to sail now, doesn't it?

The base-building mechanics and the overall approach to the gameplay really put me in mind of the Age of Empires/Rome: Total War games. Remember you telling that there's more? Well, get ready, because here comes my very own Harry Potter reference (I always try to make one... yes, always); you need to collect fragments of Jack's memory. We all know how absentminded Jack often can be, so this should not come as a surprise to most of us. So, you need to collect them in a way that's kind of reminiscent of how Dumbledore and Harry had to collect the fragments of Voldemort's memories. However, it's not quite the same; You'll need to defeat opponents to be able to receive the memory part you're after. Only after you defeat them, you get to watch the portion of recovered memory.

All in all, Pirates of the Caribbean Tides of War is a truly multi-layered game which provides hours and hours of playing time and fun, especially going after Jack's memories can be challenging but really worth it in the end. So, ye scurvy landlubbers; Get ye pirate hat on and join me in roaming the seven seas... YAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR!!!!

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May 10, 2017