mairie;;appetizer;;tiny tower;;nimblebit;;ios;;android;;building Mairie "Mary Appins" Heijnen A mobile game that you've had for five years and still haven't deleted?! Man, that can only be one humongous game! Wait... what? It's tiny?! Let's have a look, shall we?


By Mairie "Mary Appins" Heijnen on February 3, 2016

Let me start by saying this: I installed the game when I got my iPod touch and I never deleted it. Now, this may not seem like a big deal, but you have to realise that I got my iPod touch back in 2011. So do the math; this game is almost 5 years old and never ceases to amuse me. Tiny Tower is what I would like to classify as a great game. And what, I hear you ask, is the key to this never-ending fun? The answer to this question is extremely simple: There is no end; the sky is (almost literally) the limit. The concept might be a bit simplistic but it is so much fun to play. You almost never get bored (yeah almost); you’ll just want to make your tiny tower somewhat less tiny every single time you play this game. Tiny Tower is really a tiny bit addictive...

To be honest, I cannot remember the story behind Tiny Tower; why is there a tiny tower? Why was it ever built? I simply can’t remember these details and, frankly, I am not deleting the game in order to start over and find out. So let me just summarize the overall concept for you. You’ll have to build a tower-shaped mall, each floor of said tower occupied by another store. And, with the addition of each new floor your tiny tower grows, bit by bit, floor by floor. So, what would you say is the general idea behind a shopping mall? Indeed, to sell shit! (and no, we’re not literally selling excrement, just lots of stuff) To successfully sell stuff, you’ll need three essential things... or maybe even four...

Let’s start off with the first and probably most obvious item on our needs-list: Stores! There are five different types of stores to choose from in our Tiny Tower: food, service, recreation, retail and creative. Each type of store comes in many, many different variations, ranging from pubs to tutoring centres, from hat shop to video rental and so on. You’ll get the opportunity to open up new stores by adding new floors to your ever-growing tower. Naturally, adding these floors doesn’t come free, so you’ll have to pay a decent sum for every new floor. Nevertheless, every time you build a new floor you can select which type of store to place on that specific floor, or even which variation of a specific type of store if you pay extra. But you should keep in mind that you’ll have to create a well-balanced shopping mall (store type-wise), so don’t forget to check the prevailing demand before you build anything.

Now that the most important thing is taken care of, we come to a realisation; stores need employees. Thank god there are enough citizens who would like to work and live in our Tiny Tower. Yes, you read that right; they also live in our tower. So, what’s next on our to-do list? Build some residential areas for the citizens to live in. Once these citizens have moved into their respective apartments, you should assign them each a job in one of your stores. This sounds easy... and it is! But, you must check their résumés and keep an eye on their personal dream jobs. You don’t want a bad cook running your sandwich shop. How suitable a citizen is for work in a specific type of store is shown on his or her résumé. As a rule, you should try to get eight or nine people working in each store.

Now that we have built stores and hired people to work in them, we should really see to acquiring things we can sell. By clicking on a store you can select a product you want to have in stock. The more employees that specific store has, the more different products (up to 3) you can sell. The stocking takes some time but the game warns you when the process is completed. By clicking on the icon on the right upper corner of the store, you’ll complete the stocking of items and open the store for business.

Now all what we need are customers; most of them can get to any store on their own, but some of them need your help with the elevator. Darn things, these elevators! Always full, always slow... oh well; at least it beats climbing stairs. Sometimes, you’ll see that there is a customer in need of assistance. You just have to deliver them to the right floor by using the elevator. If you help them they might even tip you. Instead of wanting to visit one of your stores, they might sometimes want to go to an apartment-floor. If there is a vacant apartment on this floor, these visitors will become citizens of your ever-growing shopping empire.

So, that wraps up the basics of Tiny Tower. We have our stores, our employees, the products and the customers. The general idea is to keep the stores stocked and expand your tower bit by bit. But wait, there is more, which is a good thing; because otherwise the game would get pretty boring t would be boring in the blink of an eye. So what is the even more fun part of this app? The interaction and tactics you could use. Apart from regular customers, there are also several VIP’s which visit your tiny tower. They have their own ability e.g. they might be a big spender and buy out all your stock, or they might be a celebrity, which increases the number of visitors in that store. You just should select the correct floor to send them to; this can make all the difference. Next to the VIP’s, another challenge is to complete certain side missions, like stocking some specific products, or making sure you collect a certain amount of an item.

Tiny Tower comes with a few fun extras; just like real people, your citizens have their own bitbook. They post the same kind of things as we post on Facebook. And if, even with all of these things going on, you get bored, you can always paint the floors or dress up your citizens.

So, in short; Tiny Tower offers a plethora of fun activities. There’s enough to do and enough to see for everyone. And with each floor you add, you’ll make your Tiny Tower ever so slightly less tiny. It’s really an app that keeps you amused for years!

available on:

June 23, 2011 (iOS)
November 16, 2011 (Android)