mairie;;two dots;;that level again;;app;;ios;;android;;puzzle;;Playdots Inc;;iam tagir Mairie "Mary Appins" Heijnen Instead of reviewing one larger game, this month I got hooked on 2 smaller games. That's why this month's Appetizer will be divided into two smaller reviews. Because hey, why choose if you can play both?


By Mairie "Mary Appins" Heijnen on October 7, 2015

Instead of reviewing one larger game, this month I got hooked on 2 smaller games. That's why this month's Appetizer will be divided into two smaller reviews. Because hey, why choose if you can play both?


The first game we're going to take a look at is Two Dots, a simple but highly addictive puzzle game. When I first saw the game, it reminded me of the child game “Dots and Boxes”. A game you played with your classmates on a piece of paper during a boring History class. But, after playing it, I must conclude that I was utterly wrong; it is nothing like it! Two Dots has more similarities with Pet Rescue, only without the cute animals. But, the lack of cute fluffy things aside, Two Dots is still a very fun and addictive game to play.

The main advantage of the game is that it is easy to learn; you need a certain amount of dots of specific colours. To reach that ultimate goal, you'll have to "collect" the dots you need. Collecting them is done by connecting dots of the same colour, by drawing a line across them on your touchscreen. However, you only have a certain number of moves, which makes the process of collecting all the dots you need a lot more challenging, of course. But, don't despair, you have a few special moves at your disposal to make your life a bit easier. One of these moves is the Square; if you can connect a certain amount of dots of the same colour and make a square or a rectangle, it effectively removes all dots of that colour from the board. This is easily your most powerful move, so always be on the lookout for the next opportunity to use it.

The higher levels are, as you might expect, a lot more challenging, but at the same time they're also more fun. Ice Blocks, Sand Blocks, Fire Dots, Monster Dots and Dot knows what will try to make your life a lot more difficult, but don't let that discourage you. Just keep a clear head and you'll be connecting dots at near to light speed! Each level comes with specific goals you'll have to achieve. My tip would be to keep an eye on your goals. It is all good fun to connect dots like a dot-connecting madman, but without hitting level goals it all seems a bit futile, doesn't it?

There are also several boosters or power ups available for sale. Some of these will, for example, let you shuffle the dots, while another will let you remove one specific dot from the board. So, as you can see, Two Dots might look like a simple game at first, but as you take a closer look at all the things the game has to offer, you can but admit that the people at Playdots Inc. did a smashing job when creating this intricate little puzzle game!


The second game I've been playing is called: "That Level Again", and does exactly what the title hints at; it makes you replay the same level over and over again. I know, I know; playing the same level over and over again might sound very boring, but there's a twist. The action needed to complete the level changes every single time you revisit it. Now the game sounds a lot more intriguing, doesn't it?

The basics of the level couldn't be easiert; you start at the left side of the screen, at the right side is a gate which opens by pressing the big red buzzer in the centre of the level. The graphics are nice and simple, the room looks the same every time, the only difference being the title of the level. In the upper left corner of your screen, you'll see the level's number and a name/description. Pay attention to the name, and you might just find out how to solve the level at hand. The description gives away important information, which is always cryptic, but that is what make the game so much fun. For example, one level is called “Knock Knock”, and another one is called “Don’t touch”. By paying attention to the title and by doing what it says, you can complete the level.

If you still can’t figure it out on your own, there's always a help option. By pressing the lightbulb on the top left you can get a hint. First, you will have to watch a promotional video for another game, but still, it's there. The hint system will eventually explain what you have to do. That Level Again is a game with a simple premise, but the solutions to some levels are far from simple. It is a really fun game, but at some points it is very difficult. Especially for non-native English speakers. But, just keep at it, and you'll solve any level the game throws at you. And although it is very difficult at times, it is still a very fun and nice-looking game.

So there you go! Two short reviews for two small, simple but really fun and addictive games. I've had loads of fun playing both games and would heartily recommend them both to everyone who is looking for a fun and challenging game. Though the art-styles of both games couldn't be further apart, they both offer you hours and hours of puzzling fun. So if you're looking for a game, or even two, check out Two Dots and That Level Again, and I promise you, you'll have loads of fun playing either of these cool games!

available on:

Playdots Inc.
September 30, 2015 (Version 2.1.5)

Iam Tagir
July 25, 2015 (Version 1.36)