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By Mairie "Mary Appins" Heijnen on May 4, 2017

Another month, another appetizer, and this time a "simple" puzzle game. Let's get straight to the point; Zhed is an ideal app to just have on you device to train you brain and get frustrated about because you just can't get through a certain level. The concept of the game is simple but hard to explain with just words. Thank god we have pictures nowadays. Take a look at the second picture in this review. No, no, go ahead. I'll wait right here until you come back...

Ah good, you're back! Did you get a good look at the picture? Did you notice the "white" square in the "centre" of the level? Yeah, that is the one it is all about. You must make sure it gets covered by the coloured squares! How to do that? A bit less simple to achieve but easier to explain.

Each coloured square has a number on it. This represents the amount of "steps" it can take in every straight direction. And you must make sure you cover the white square in the end. And you know something about numbers? I love them! As an business major, I am nuts about numbers. But enough about that, let's continue with our game. Where was I? Oh yes, moving the coloured squares. So, the number on the square is the number of steps it can take. But, if there happens to be a coloured square in the path of the one you are going to move, passing it will cost you one extra step. And that is the trick behind this numbers game. Making sure you can make enough steps to cover the white square.

So, now that I've covered the basics of Zhed, you might get the idea that this is a simple game... HELL NO! I have already have watched a dozen of adds to get free hints. Each hint shows you a turn you must make and which order to make them. So, there are 7 coloured squares in this level. The 2 at the left is the only one lined up with the white square, leaving 6 squares to move in position, meaning 720 different possibilities (6*5*4*3*2*1) and, possibly, just one possible solution to finish the level. Well, okay, there might actually be more than one possible solution, but not that many, I promise you that!

Zhed is one of those games that can keep you busy for hours. It is not complex as in graphics and stuff or high end animations. It is a good, solid, working game which trains your brain. Ideal to play in bed, in the train even when you're in the toilet. Just straightforward and nice. It's ideal for those minutes that you would have normally wasted, staring into the middle distance. Now you can train your brain and get frustrated about the fact that you are so stupid that you just keep taking the same turns over and over again, but just aren't able cover up the white square! I swear, I can't see another way forward! So, as I said at the start of this review, Zhed is a nice, straightforward yet challenging game that consists of 100 levels that make you mad about numbers, in many different ways!

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Ground Control Studios
April 22, 2017