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By Mairie "Mary Appins" Heijnen on October 5, 2016

Besides being a big Pokémon fan and self-proclaimed Potterhead, I have many other things I can get really excited about. One of them being watching a good (old) Disney movie. The latest Disney instalment is about a cute little bunny going out to become a police officer in the big city. Yes, boys and girls, I am talking about Zootopia. The movie is overloaded with cuteness combined with humour (for both kids and adults) and they also made an app game concerning the movie. Named: Zootopia Crime Files: Hidden Object.

The name already gives it away; Zootopia Crime Files: Hidden Object is a hidden object point and click game. Although Margriet "Daisy Gunpowder" Dumee usually plays the point-and-click genre here on, I just had to do this one. And besides, it is an app game so it is also my territory. Besides that, a good point and click game is never a bad to have as an app on your phone, so let's get started.

As many app games based on movies, you will play with/besides/as one of the main characters. In this game you will play "as" the most badass bunny in town, Judy Hopps and the most trustworthy fox we know, Nick Wilde. Apart from these two furry heroes, many other characters of the movie will pop up here and there throughout the game.

But let me get to the actual review of the game. Calling it hidden objects, point and click game doesn't cover the actual load of this game. You are actually solving crimes. Or at least, fictional crimes in a fictional universe with a cast of talking animals that features, among others, an overweight leopard. Hey, why keep things realistic and boring when we can just have fun. Besides finding clues to a crime in the hidden object part of the game, you also have to inspect the evidence you found, interview possible suspects and even accuse one of them in the end. So it's more brainy then you might think. There will be many clues, pieces of evidence and even suspicions you have to deal with. In the end, it will still be an app game made for kids but it is fun to try and crack each case.

And cracking a case sounds easier than it actually is at times. You'll have to collect evidence at the crime scene, analyse the evidence and even interview suspects as mentioned before. However, all of this costs you energy and stars. And, of course, a game wouldn't be a commercial game if you didn't have to earn or collect this energy/stars. One can buy them form the app store, but I will never pay for a game, I just will be patient or figure out a way to get the needed "fuel" by other means. By going back to the crime scene you can collect the additional stars you'll need to analyse the evidence or interview the suspects. But the hidden objects will be hidden quite a bit better this time around. So, in this way, the game will always be more challenging than the first time you visited the crime scene in question.

Besides that, the game has several "layers", one might say, just like onions and, apparently, ogres. First, you go to an crime scene. Once there, you will find some evidence, which should be investigated. Once that is done, you will get a vital piece of evidence that shoul;d be sent to the lab for further scrutiny. As the results come back from the lab, you will find a clue with which you can connect one of the subjects to the crime. All these steps will cost you stars, so you'll need even more and more stars to solve the crimes at hand... Come on guys; why the hell would you make it this complicated to solve a fictional crime?!

Being the Dutch girl I am and not a native speaker of the English language, I did have some trouble discerning what objects I was supposed to find at the crime scenes. Although my English is above average (if I may brag), I do sometimes have problems with translating the names of the most simple objects. But, not being one to give up so easily, I found out which objects are which and now, for example, I at least know what a pinwheel is. I'm not sure how and when I'm going to use this new found knowledge again, but I now know what it is.

In general, Zootopia Crime Files: Hidden Object is a fun game. However, the speed of the game could be a bit faster. Knowing this is a kid's game, I think many of them will also get frustrated by the fact that you need stars for everything you'll do. So, if you would like to see a bunny, fox and a (fat) leopard working side by side without killing each other, and just want to play a fun game for a while; go ahead and download the app right now. If you're only into realistic and serious games, you could always just go for a more mature hidden object/crime solving game.

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August 18, 2016