By Margriet "Daisy Gunpowder" Dumee on November 12, 2014

In my search for a new game to play, I found Time Mysteries: The Ancient Spectres on Big Fish Games. There are more games from the Time Mysteries series, but I have never played one of them. As I usually do when trying a new game, I played the one hour trial. I can tell you right now that that one hour left me wanting more and so I bought the complete game! Time Mysteries: The Ancient Spectres is adark and gloomy adventure about curing dreams, the presence of an evil force and a mysterious parcel with information about a family.

The story begins; itís thursday, November 11th, 1830. It has been a year since our main character started to have the same dream every night. She dreams about a oak, a deadly curse and a big house. These are memories of her childhood, before she ended up in an orphanage. While growing up she tried to find information about her parents, but is wasnít easy. She never found anything and she decided to live her life and never think of it again. But now these dreams are haunting her. The only thing that connects her to her past is a half moon medallion. Lately, the dreams have become more and more intense every night, so itís time to act.

Then one day you receive a letter from a lady who says she's your aunt Helen, yet you have no recollection of ever having an aunt Helen. She asks you to go to a house in London named Greyward. Of course youíll go, because itís a possibility to finally find some information about your family. You Recognize the house as the house of your dreams/nightmares. Itís deserted and closed. Once you get inside of the house, youíll soon find out that youíll need a wearable time machine to solve your mystery.

And thatís where the fun begins! Youíre able to travel in time to change the future. The time machine is also a map, it will show you the places youíll need to visit. And if you like to read information again in order to decide where to go next, you can use your dairy. Once you have decided where to go, you can travel to a location of your choice.

Once you arrive at the desired location there's always something to do, areas to search or puzzles to solve. The puzzles and searching areas are fun and varied in their difficulty level, because yes; Time Mysteries: The Ancient Spectres gives you the option to play the game in Normal or Expert Mode. And it gives you the opportunity to skip puzzles if you need to. What struck me most about the hidden object puzzles, was that the game has a new feature, which I had never seen before. If you donít want to complete the search areas (if this is the case, personally I think you're playing the wrong kind of game..), or if you can't find all the items, you can choose to do a mini-puzzle instead. If you solve this puzzle or find all items in the search area youĎll receive a bonus item.

The overall setting is kind of dark, which is perfect considering the story. Itís a fun game, because it lets you partake in different activities. The time travel concept works well and the story has a mysterious quality about it, and it's kept that way till the very end. So if you like solving puzzles and hidden object games in a dark and spooky setting, you should really try this one.

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Artifex Mundi & Big Fish Games
November 4, 2014