By Margriet "Daisy Gunpowder" Dumee on October 19, 2014

Iíve always wanted to take a look inside count Bluebeardís Castle, so here was my chance to do so. When I saw this game I was very curious and I really wanted to play it. Of course I know the story of Count Bluebeard and that only made me more anxious to play Bluebeardís Castle.

In this game you play as Emily, whose sister is married to Count Bluebeard. And apparently, sheís not the first one to do so; she is actually his 7th wife. And of course, Emilyís sister being a woman, she just couldnít contain her curiosity and took a peak into the forbidden room (which Bluebeard expressly told her NOT to. WomenÖ oh well, what are you going to do?) and vanished. Emily, being the good and caring sister she is, misses her very much and travels to Bluebeardís Castle. Being of the less foolish persuasion, she waits until Bluebeard leaves the castle before entering it. This is where your quest to find your beloved sister starts.

Itís a jolly game with a great story, which is well-known of course. You can follow a tutorial if you like or if itís your first point-and-click game, but if youíre used to the point-and-click genre the tutorial isnít really necessary. Generally speaking, Bluebeardís castle contains the usual stuff like the looking glass icon when you need to look at an item and the puzzle-piece icon when thereís a puzzle to solve. A hand icon shows you when you can pick up an item and flickering stars designate a search area. The game is not too difficult but also not too easy to play. The puzzles do give you the possibility to skip them, but if you use your grey matter for what itís made for, you should be able to solve most of the puzzles.

I really enjoyed playing this game. I am proud to say I beat Count Bluebeard and set my sister free. However, I didnít catch Count Bluebeard. So ladies beware when a man with a blackish-Bluebeard makes a move at you. Before falling head over heels for this mystery guy, make sure itís not Count Bluebeard... Enjoy playing this game! (I know I did!)

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