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By Margriet "Daisy Gunpowder" Dumee on June 9, 2016

I have known and played this game for ages and I realized I havenít shared it with you. Shame on me! But now, the time has finally come to let you in on a little secret: itís a super irritating game! So, why do I want you to play it then? Well, I donít want to be the only one who is driven mad by this mahjong-like game, so I dare you to play Butterfly Kyodai!

The basic premise is simple: match two similar butterfly wings halves together, so they can fly away. They fly away around your screen, while you are trying to find other matching pairs of wings to combine. But thereís catch! Apart from the fact that the two wings need to be an exact match, there needs to be a unobstructed path between these two wings. This path can either be straight or contain no more than two 90 degree angles. When you start the first level you receive three tips and two resets. And every time you finish a level, you earn three additional tips and one additional reset.

So start the game and get clicking! At first itís pretty easy, so you start connecting wing-halves and making room for other pairs to connect. But, as in many games, it gets harder when you progress through the level. But, being the tenacious gamer I am, I soldier on. Level two; somewhere on the playing field, a hedge appears. Now, although you might be thinking that a hedge wouldnít pose a problem for something that can fly, it actually does; you just canít connect wings through the hedge, so youíll have to make your way around it.

And yes, thereís also a greater diversity of wings in each successive level, so thereís a lot more to look at and search through. Still, I managed to finish this level and then started on level 3. It was at this point that I realised that every next level means another hedge and more colourful, wonderful shaped wings for you to connect (if youíre lucky enough to discover a pair of matching at all) After finishing level three, my theory was immediately confirmed; more hedges and more wings! And, oh yes, a time limit.

I can tell you from experience that Butterfly Kyodai features a total of ten levels, but I only succeeded in finishing them all one time. Most of the time, at level 5 or 6, my resets are all gone and itís game over. So I dare you to play this game and finish all the levels, before you get your eyes crossed, your panties in a twist and start screaming like a crazed lepidopterist.

By the way; try not to get addicted to this game! Because once you start, you donít want to give up, thinking: I am a great gamer, this is an easy game , I can do this, I must do this, why canít I... f***, d** finish all levels of this game?! And yes, this is usually when the crying starts... boohoohoohoo!

Now, you might be thinking: ďWhy on earth would you play this game if it upsets you this much?Ē Well, to be honest, while the game may get under your skin for quite a bit, it is also a lot of fun... if you manage to finish it. It is a real challenge and a great workout for the good old grey cells. So if youíre brave enough, start up the game and have lots of fun... if you dare!

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