By Margriet "Daisy Gunpowder" Dumee

The search for her missing father takes Nicole to new locations with new objects to search for and more puzzles to solve. Will this sequel live up to its predecessor, or shatter like crystal?

We start this game where the previous installment of the series left off (for the review of part 1 click here). Nicole is still searching for her missing father and has yet been unsuccessful in entering the Crystal Portal. In part two however, she succeeds in passing through the portal and her search continues. She receives help from Igor, who is sent to help her by a Ms. Staff.

Together you end up in the world of Atlantis, where you find new locations to search and new puzzles to solve. After a few locations, Nicole and Igor find Nicoleís father. Allís well that ends well? Not quite. Alas, oh cruel fate, what heinous trick hast thou played upon me? It seems Nicole and her father arenít able to return to their own world. Well, actually they are but, as always, thereís a catch.

In order to return to earth, you will have to find certain items and solve more puzzles (no surprise thereÖ). Hey, itís a hidden object game, what did you expect?!

This sequel also has the beautifully drawn backgrounds and easy to master controls as its predecessor. Click on a key-item to bring up a ring of objects to find. Find them, put them on the ring, solve a puzzle and travel to the next location. In this sequel, however, moving your mouse over an object on the ring shows the name of that object on-screen. The magnifying glass cursor is also back to help you reach those hard to find items.

In this sequel, you do however have the choice to play in Normal or Hard mode. In normal mode everything works in pretty much the same way as it did in part one of the series. Part 2 is, as is to be expected, superior to part 1. Since it also doesnít contain any gruesome or scary scenes, it is exceptionally suited for the younger generation of gamers among us.

available on:

Artogon / Big Fish