By Margriet "Daisy Gunpowder" Dumee on October 14, 2015

After playing three-in-a-row and Mahjong, I found myself longing to play a hidden object game. So I scoured the internet for a just that and found Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings. It looked promising, so I thought: Why not? The story of Lost souls is one of magic and mystery, and goes something like this...

Bella is a woman who, together with her young son, leads a happy and wonderful life. One night, a mysterious man delivers a package to Bella's house. When Bella opens the package, she discovers it contains a painting of a spooky castle. Bella's son likes the painting very much, and wants to hang it in his bedroom. Bella doesn't think too much of it and let's him. Unbeknownst to her, this decision will be the end of her happy life; in the middle of the night the painting starts glowing and traps Bella's son within the castle on its canvas. Bella, however, does not witness this terrible event and presumes her son missing. No matter how thoroughly they search the neighbourhood, the boy remains missing. Even the help of the FBI doesn't do much. At the end of her rope, Bella turns to a medium, who promises to help find Bella's son.

The medium leads you to Frozen World, where you have to find a magic flame, the Forest Kingdom where you have to restore the Magic Altar, the Dragon Realm, Dwarven Realm, Sea Realm and finally, the Dark Castle. When you finish a level you receive one of a number of pieces of canvas that, when all put together, form a painting of Bella's son, which is the only way to set him free. So I travelled this magical land, found all the pieces of the painting and freed Bella’s Son. Good for me!

Lost Souls did appear to contain a glitch of some kind; At one point in three hidden-object areas, I couldn’t pick up the item I had found. When I pushed the hint button it showed the found object to be correct, but the game still wouldn't let me pick it up. But, being the smart woman I am, I quit the game and, after a while, restarted it again. This seemed to have done the trick! Everything went peachy; I was able to play on and finished the game without further delay.

Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings is a really beautiful and colourful game. Most of the levels are made up out of bright and vibrant colours. When starting the game, you can choose between playing on easy mode or hard mode. I always play the easy modus first, so I can easily assess what the game has to offer. The game has a hint button, a map and a notebook that stores all the clues and codes you have discovered and will need later, which I think is a good thing! The hidden object areas are great and not very difficult to complete. The same goes for the puzzles in the game; they're not that difficult but really fun. If, for some reason, you don't feel like doing a puzzle, you can always use the skip button. But, on the other hand, if you don't feel like doing puzzles, then what are you doing playing this game?!

While playing, you'll have to scroll your screen up and down, otherwise you’ll miss things. The thing that made this game special, is the ability to zoom in and out. This came in very handy quite a few times, especially when searching a tricky hidden object area. Usually, I just put my face almost through the monitor and squint like my life depended on it, but not in this game! Nothing of the sort, because Lost Souls: Enchanted Painting let me zoom in!

So, what to think of this game? Well, it's colourful, fun, has a decent story, hidden-object areas and puzzles, and best of all: it lets me zoom in. It is a really good game, and I enjoyed playing it; the developers at Fenomen Games have made Daisy really happy!

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