By Margriet "Daisy Gunpowder" Dumee on June 22, 2014

Enchantia: Wrath of the Phoenix Queen starts off by showing a woman, engulfed in flames, the Phoenix Queen. She wants to burn down the Elf Kingdom (who wouldn't...pointy-eared buggers). Suddenly, it's like I'm waking up from a dream and my character is aboard a train with an older man. I am told that I am his apprentice. Through a couple of events it becomes clear that I'm a chosen one. Whoohooh! I Always wanted to know how that felt. But alas, the joy is not to last. The Phoenix Queen suddenly appears in the real world and attacks me, but luckily the old man manages to save me. Unfortunately, this weakens him, so I'm on my own now and my mission is to stop the Phoenix Queen and her evil schemes. To help you navigate the world, you have a compass that shows a map when you click on it. On this map are several locations, one of which is highlighted. That's where you should go. By visiting locations and solving puzzles more locations become highlighted on your map.

Your primary objective is to defeat the Phoenix Queen, who once was a good Elf Queen until she released the spirit of a firebird. Of course WE all know firebirds can't be trusted, right? (the backstabbing little bastards they are. I told her. I said to her, never trust a firebird. But did she listen? noooooo... it's just a cute little bird, what harm could it possibly... ahem, but I digress) So the elf queen released the spirit anyway and, as a result, turned into the incredibly evil Phoenix Queen. The only way to stop her is to collect four singing birds who, as we all know are good. (singing = good, fire = bad...got that? right! moving along) But there's a catch, you're not going to search for birds. You have to search for eggs, which makes it slightly harder, because eggs don't sing...or something like that.

But all jokes aside, Enchantia: Wrath of the Phoenix Queen is actually a really fun game to play. You inspect a location and find objects. Sometimes you can put specific items together to make a new object. But you won't always need it right away and this can cause some doubt about whether or not combining will be the right course of action. A nice twist on standard hidden object gaming, if you ask me. The scattered objects you are supposed to find aren't always lying the same way up, or might be bigger or smaller than the shown example, in other words you'll have to look very closely. So open your eyes, inspect everything and talk to everyone.

The puzzles are surprisingly fun and provide a very decent challenge on some occasions. If you come across a puzzle to difficult to solve, there's an option to skip it. This depends of the difficulty setting of the game. There are three game modes to choose from in Enchantia: Wrath of the Phoenix Queen. Firstly, there's the relax mode, in which you are able receive hints right away. Secondly, in the challenge mode it takes a little time before you can ask for a hint. And lastly, the Expert mode. Playing the game on this mode will give you a real challenge. It simply does not give you any help or hints at all.

Enchantia: Wrath of the Phoenix Queen is a beautifully drawn and colorful game. It was a fun game to play and on some occasions, the game or a puzzle managed to pleasantly surprise me. The graphics and sounds work in unison to help the player have a wonderful gaming experience; two thumbs up!

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