By Margriet "Daisy Gunpowder" Dumee on August 12, 2014

For this monthís Grey Area, I thought Iíd try a different kind of game; no hidden objects this time around. No sir, instead I thought Iíd try a game I know a lot of people play and like: three in a row. Itís nothing spectacular but itís a funny game! And Fishdom: Seasons under the Sea is one of the more elaborate games in this genre, because while playing, you earn coins to spend on building your very own aquarium, how fun is that! Every time you finish a level you earn an amount of coins, depending on how well you did. With these coins you can buy fish, decoration and comfort items for your aquarium. The faster you finish the level, the more coins you get.

You start the game by choosing a theme for your aquarium. There are 3 themes to choose from: Halloween; Thanksgiving and Christmas. And with each theme, you play with game pieces that correspond with the theme youíve chosen for your aquarium. Did you choose Halloween as your theme? Then you will be playing with ghosts, pumpkins and witchesí hats. If you chose Thanksgiving, youíll play with turkeys and huntersí hats. And finally, if you chose Christmas as your theme, then itís snowmen and Christmas trees all around. While playing, you build your aquarium step by step, giving you the chance to make it as beautiful or as crazy as you want.

After choosing your favourite theme, you start off with a brief tutorial. As an adult, you probably wonít need it, but for children this might come in handy. Fishdom: Seasons under the Sea can be played in two separate modes: relaxed mode, which doesnít feature a timer, or the standard mode, which keeps track of how long you took to complete a level. You can change this mode during gameplay, so if things get too difficult, you can always switch back if you like. And like many games out there, difficulty will increase as you progress through the game. And thatís where the real fun starts. By placing five corresponding figures in a row, you earn a bomb! When you place six of them in a row, you get dynamite. The more pieces you connect during one turn, the stronger the explosives are. And with each explosion you blast away lots of tiles.

Iím sure that if you like three-in-a-row games, you will definitely enjoy playing Fishdom: Seasons under the Sea. It gives you the opportunity to play a fun game, as well as the chance to fill your aquarium with the beautiful items, for example: an all-skeleton band with a skeleton guitar player, a skeleton singer and even a skeleton on drums. Another cool feature in the game is the ability to set your aquarium as an animated screensaver, so you can look at your fishes while youíre not working or playing!

When starting this game, you might think: ďoh itís really a kidsí gameĒ, and you would be right; It certainly is a great game for children. But if your kids get stuck, take over and you might even find it difficult to finish the level. Better yet, sometimes you just wonít be able to finish the level and you have to try again. So I dare you to play this game in its entirety. I absolutely loved playing this game and Iím pretty sure that a lot of you out there will love it too!

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