By Margriet "Daisy Gunpowder" Dumee on July 7, 2015

The name of this game promises me a lot of searching for objects, so I am very curious if this is really the case. And what about the game's quality? Are there hints present or any help at all? Will I finally get bored searching for items? I am about to check it all out for you...

First up, a short summary: 100% hidden objects, no story, no one to be rescued, just plain looking and searching until you're cross-eyed from staring at your screen an your brain is jumping through hoops, trying to figure out exactly what you've missed... Ha, I like that.

The search areas in which you strive to discover these hidden objects are great and beautifully done. An 'expert time' timer counts down while you search; if you find all the hidden objects within the set time, you receive bonus coins. If you donít want the stress, forget about the timer; you can play on, even if time expires. But when you do, you wonít get your bonus coins (damn!), so it's always good to find all objects as fast as possible. You also get additional coins by finding a star object, which are presented to you while you are playing. If you find these objects very quickly you can win extra coins. Yeah!

With the coins you collect you can buy items to help you in your search. You can buy, for example, a looking glass (shows you a hidden object), the lantern (lights a dark level) or a bomb (6 object will disappear from your list). There's also an achievement system that rewards you if you, for instance, use the lantern 20 times. I haven't seen this kind of achievements in a lot of games I've played and I must say, itís really funny.

100% Hidden Objects features more than enough challenges and rewards. Rewards for finishing a level, for finishing a level perfectly, and so on. And I must say, this works for me. When I play the game, I really want to collect every reward it has to offer. There is really not very much more I can tell you... except that if you like the hidden objects games, (like I do) then I have found the perfect game for you! Go buy it and play to your hearts' content!

available on:

Cerasus Media & Big Fish Games
April 14, 2013