By Margriet "Daisy Gunpowder" Dumee on November 12, 2014

Itís almost Christmas, yet the weather isnít Christmas-like at all. As a matter a fact, itís quite warm for the time of the year. So itís time for a very cold game: Ice Rose; a game with a lot of cold and snow and a scary queen of ice.

It all began when my beloved Edward received a letter and immediately travelled to the city of Rosemund. A nasty queen of ice found her powers are gone at the same time that a magic mirror has been broken. So she wants to heal the mirror and get her powers back. But my Edward has unknowingly found one of the pieces of the mirror and now, he canít get the picture of a snowstorm out of his mind. So he is off to Rosemund, leaving me behind with the piece of the mirror, because he thinks the shard will protect me. As if I needed protection! No way is he going without me! I will follow him where ever he may go; there isnít an ocean to deep, a mountain so high it can keep me awayÖ hey, wait a minute! Thatís a song! Iím not here to sing songs; Iím here to play a game... and to find my Edward before Christmas.

Basically, you can play this game on several modes. First up is the Easy mode: filled with lots of sparkling indicators, hints and the possibility to skip entire puzzles and , and a flickering indicator on parts you can interact with. Secondly, thereís the Challenge mode: less sparkling, slower loading hints and no flickering to indicate activities and thirdly, the Expert mode, where the hints will load very slowly, as does the skip button. When playing the game in this mode, hints only appear in the hidden object areas; the rest of the game, youíre on your own.

The graphics of Ice Rose are beautiful and it has a nice story, but there are a few disappointments. For instance, the Queen of Ice has no voice, so she doesnít actually speak. I could only read what she was saying in pop-up messages. Furthermore, I seem to have grown accustomed to having a map that lets me travel between areas. I must say, I really missed the map, as did I miss the hints, usually incorporated in a good map. These hints give you an idea of where to go next, if you get really stuck. In Ice Rose, if you canít think of anything to do in a specific area, you press the hint button and it says: thereís nothing more to do here.Ē ďNo shit, Sherlock! You donít say?! I already knew that, didnít I? But, to be honest, it does create a tougher challenge and keeps you guessing as to where you should go next. As for the positive sides of the game: The hidden object areas are fantastic and there are plenty of them, and the puzzles are challenging. And it all looks really, really good!

So, how exactly did the story end? Well, I found the city of Rosemund, covered in lots of snow and ice. There were a few citizens that still remained in the city. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that the main reason they were still there was that they were frozen solid, like human popsicles. Ok, so now I had to find the objects I needed to thaw them and help me along on my journey. Every time I got close to finding one of these objects, the Queen of Ice was there to warn me of the consequences of what I was doing in order to scare me off. At one point she even froze Edward, right before my eyes. Who does this icicle think she is! In the end, we learn she lost her parents at a young age; nobody understood her and a bad man told her if she turned the world into ice, her parent would come to back life. So she turned her own hart to ice and was hell-bent on completing the task the bad man had given her. But I managed to melt her frozen heart and make her see the error of her ways. I even got my Edward back!

But with all said and done, Iím not sure I even want to keep Edward. I mean, why do I need him? I did manage to solve everything on my own, didnít I? Iím pretty confident I can solve any mystery without his help. I don't need a man to solve my problems :)...

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