By Margriet "Daisy Gunpowder" Dumee on May 12, 2015

Memories... this game bring back memories. When I was young and still the boss of the house. All my children still lived at home (and were not running a game site) Especially my two daughters and me played this game a lot. For me it was my first game I ever played in this genre. When it was released, it was a very beautiful game, with bright colours and great graphics. I cherish this game; its filled with good memories, although my daughters had to help me through some difficult parts of it... Well Iím ready to play this game again and hope my grey matter will remember certain things and help me through the game.

Haha, right off the bat, you can notice this really is an old game; I canít type my name, but have to click every letter.

The story of Kingquest 7 is one about a Kingdom, a princess named Rosella and her mother Valanice. The princess and the queen both disappear in a mysterious tornado and get separated. Lady Valanice lands in a desert and princess Rosella is turned into a troll and the Troll King wants her as his wife. They both have their own adventures to complete within their own chapters. They have to find and sometimes combine items to reach their ultimate goal, which is to be reunited with each other (And for Rosella to avoid the Troll King!)

During the game, you will actually have to walk around a lot and a lot of back-tracking is involved. I now appreciate the maps in other games even more, because they let you travel easily from one location to another. Kings Quest 7 is obvious an older game, but a unique game for the time in which it was released. In chapter 4, for instance, a bogey-man can suddenly appear and grab Rosella. Chapter 4 be damned anyway; I got stuck in the powder room of Falderal. I tried everything I could think of, but to no avail! Then I realised this was one of the parts of the game, my daughters helped me get trough all those years ago.

I have to admit that I didnít succeed in finishing King's Quest 7 game on my own, but used Game Boomers Ė Game cheats. But hey, at least I tried! To play this game again after all this time, really took me back to other happy times. I won't be staying there long though, because there are so many great games I can play today.

This is Daisy Gunpowder, forever lost in the powder room of Falderal... signing off. See you all next time!

available on:

November 23, 1994