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By Margriet "Daisy Gunpowder" Dumee on Januari 17, 2016

If you like the Mahjong, Spider Solitaire and Freecell games AND youíre in for a free game, then read on! Do you like jigsaw puzzles, but arenít too keen on having your dining table occupied with the damn thing for days at a time? Donít worry, Daisy found you the perfect way to deal with this nuisance: Jigsaw puzzles from Microsoft; digital and free to play. Ok, if you donít like to look at ads youíll have to pay a small amount of money, but thatís all up to you!

I always thought that nothing could compare to real-life jigsaw puzzles; laying out all the pieces, sorting them and eating on your couch for days on end, because your whole table is covered in puzzle pieces, waiting for you to return and finish the job... But now, Microsoft brings us a digital variety of this classic game. And best of all, it comes completely free of charge with Windows 10.

There are a lot of different pictures, difficulty settings and different ways to puzzle for you to choose from. When you solve a puzzle, you earn gold which, in turn, lets you buy even more puzzles. There are different ways to puzzle, there are, there are... WAIT! Now, Daisy, donít get too excited; calm down and explain!

First up: how to find your Jigsaw puzzles in Windows 10. In your start menu, just click on the tile with the cards. Itís the same tile you click when you want to play a game of solitaire or Freecell, etc. Once youíre in the Microsoft Games menu, scroll down to find Microsoft Jigsaw. Click that and youíre golden! Microsoft Jigsaw features a main menu that lets you choose between different game modes: Classic Jigsaw, Jigsaw jam and the Daily Challenge.

Classic Jigsaw
The basic concept of Jigsaw puzzles is well-known throughout the world; itís all about a picture, divided into multiple, smaller pieces. Classic Jigsaw mode doesnít change a thing about this. What it does do, is let choose between four different difficulty settings: easy, medium, hard and expert. When you finish a puzzle, you earn gold; with this gold you can buy more puzzles. The puzzles feature pictures of beautiful landscapes, lovely animals or awe-inspiring buildings, but thatís not all! Microsoft Jigsaw even lets you create your own puzzle from every photo you might have on your computer.

Because I wanted to know whatís what, I played the game on all difficulty settings; easy mode is just for the points and to have a bit of easy fun. Playing the game on the medium difficulty gives you the best the sized puzzle pieces. On the other hand, the hard difficulty setting gives you the perfect amount of puzzle pieces, so thereís something in all three of these difficulty settings that make them worth a shot. That just leaves Expert mode, and to be completely honest: I just didnít like Expert mode. I might even have to admit I am not an expert Jigsaw puzzler. The pieces are just too small for me. Sure, you can zoom in on the pieces and you do have a tray on the right side of your screen for sorting out the pieces, but I just didnít like it. Now, I only play the Expert mode when I am really in the mood for a gruelling challenge or when I need the gold to buy more puzzles.

What I absolutely love about Classic Jigsaw is the fact that you can create your own puzzle from a picture you might have on your computerís harddrive or on a digital camera or phone. And best of all, itís really easy to do! Trust me, if I can do it, you surely can. You can even send your self-made puzzle to someone else. The only downside to personalised puzzles is: you canít earn gold by playing your own creations.

Jigsaw Jam
In this mode, when you open a puzzle, youíll find one or several pieces of the puzzle already in place. When you started to play, your mouse pointer will turn into a random puzzle piece. Youíll have to put this piece in the correct spot, before moving on to the next piece. What makes this mode challenging, is the fact that none of these puzzle pieces are your run-of-the-mill puzzle pieces. No boys and girls, these are really strangely shaped pieces. Youíll have to look very carefully to discover where they go in the puzzle. The added difficulty comes from having to solve a number of puzzles within a limited time-frame. Personally, I donít like the pressure of time, so I didnít play this game mode very often.

Daily Challenge
In Microsoft Jigsaw, every day brings you three new challenges: Lock Breaker, Catcher and Jigsaw Jammer. These challenges come in different difficulties, but you canít choose them yourself, so every day is somewhat of a surprise. Lock Breaker is all about connecting pieces to the target in as few moves as possible and break the lock. The goal of Catcher is to isolate a bug with the pieces of your puzzle. And trust me; itís a really funny game! The bug will try to escape and youíll have to box it in and stop it from running away. Jigsaw jammer is basically identical to Jigsaw jam. I do play it in the daily challenge, because it earns you points and gold if you solve a puzzle and even more gold if you solve all three puzzles. On top of that, you can earn cups: bronze, silver and gold. And yes, I know that itís really not that exciting, but it is something I just cannot resist.

So, all in all, I really liked Microsoft Jigsaw. It lets you experience the same fun moments than a classic Jigsaw puzzle would, right on your computer. If you like Jigsaw puzzles, then I recommend you give Microsoft Jigsaw a whirl. I guarantee youíll have fun!

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