By Margriet "Daisy Gunpowder" Dumee on May 27, 2015

Aaah, Iím filled with excitement. One of my favourite developers, Blue Tea Games, has released a new Dark Parables game. I really like the Dark Parables series, so my expectations are really high; Will it be as good as the previous games? Will they surprise me with something new? Will I find all of the hidden objects this time? I'm dying to get an answer on all these questions! So let's not waste any more time and start playing Dark: Parables: Queen of Sands...

This latest instalment in the Dark Parables series is all about being locked up (and really not being amused by it), some fool inadvertently setting Mab, the queen of sands free and a very healthy dose of good old-fashioned revenge! The queen of sands turns normal animals into nightmare creatures, but the sand can turn them back! I play as the fairy detective and must investigate the village of Montafleur. Thereís a mysterious purple mist and people canít sleep very well with all those creatures of the night going about their evil routines all night long. Also, when the good people of Montafleur do sleep, they tend to have bad dreams. Queen of Sands is all about heroic women, which I like and can easily identify myself with (as some of you might have suspected).

The game is, yet again, really beautiful; the colours are magnificently chosen, itís like you're in a movie. Personally, I thought there weren't quite enough hidden object areas in this game (but don't read too much into that, because in my opinion, there never are!), but the hidden objects areas that are present are exactly what I've come to expect from the Dark Parables series: stunning backdrops with beautiful items to compose. The items you'll have to find are well-hidden, but not impossible to find. Basically, the entire game is really nicely balanced. The puzzles in Queen of Sands are sometimes easy and sometimes difficult, but I did manage to solve them all.

If I like a game, I personally feel that the game or game series shouldn't change their basic formula too much. The people at Blue Tea Games must've thought the same, because that's exactly what Dark parables does; the basics of the game stay the same. If that sounds like something you would like, then this is a great game for you to play. All my expectations came true. And when you purchase the collectorís edition, you even get an extra bonus game!! The seven Raven game. Itís the story of Mab and her rise to power. So double the bang for your buck!

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Blue Tea Games & Eipix Entertainment
May 21, 2015