By Margriet "Daisy Gunpowder" Dumee on September 2, 2014

Rahjongg is based on the game Mahjongg. It's an golden oldie! I don't even know when it was released. You have to find two similar tiles and in the correct order, remove them from the playing field. As one might expect, every new level is slightly more difficult than the previous one. Next to the increasing difficulty, there's also a time limit. So be careful, don't think too long.

A particular level might not be that difficult in itself, but provides you with precious little time to get it done. Rahjong gives you the choice to play dynasty or solitaire mode. Solitaire mode gives you the opportunity to play this game without the time limit. Very handy to get used to the game, but the real challenge is to solve a puzzle while time is slipping away from you.

While Mahjongg places the tiles on top of each other, Rahjongg takes a slightly different approach. It places the tiles adjacent to each other. The tiles need to not touch other tiles on two or three sides. If this is the case, connect them and as a result, they will disappear. Don't think that this makes Rahjong less difficult, interesting or challenging. It will cost time to figure out the best way to finish the puzzle. And as you progress through the game, there's just one way a puzzle can be solved. So if you don't make the right moves in the right order, you'll get stuck.

If you solve a puzzle swiftly and correctly, you will earn lives and, trust me on this one, you will need them. You'll always have the option to start the puzzle all over again without losing a life. But most of the time you'll run out of time before you know what hit you. Luckily, you can pause the game by clicking on a hourglass. That gives you time to take a breath and check out the puzzle in your own time. Another way Rahjong helps you is by giving you the ability to use curses. You'll earn them along the way and using them will blow up some tiles, clearing the playing field in the process.

The funny thing is you can play this game with a friend. Solve a puzzle together and race against time. And at the right corner there is a number, keeping track of how many points you've collected. You can add your high scores to a scoreboard if you like.

Rahjongg: The Curse of Ra is a great game in all its simplicity.

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