By Margriet "Daisy Gunpowder" Dumee on April 8, 2015

Yes, I did it! I finally did it... I finished Theme Hospital!!!

I think a lot of people know the game Theme Hospital; a building / management game about the funniest hospital there is. As you've probably guessed, In Theme Hospital you'll have to build a decently running hospital. I have actually played this game before; I think itís about 10 years ago. I remembered it as a fun game, simple but ingenious. But I also remember that I couldnít get any higher than level 5 or 6 (There are 12 levels), so I was very curious if I would be successful this time around. The good thing is, that at the time I came across it again, it was a free download on the origin website. Thank you Origin!

As I've just mentioned, Theme Hospital is all about building a Hospital. You start off with GP offices, General Diagnoses, Pharmacy, X-Rays, Scanners, different kind of clinics, a staff room and research department. Oh, make sure you donít forget the toilet or else the patients will urinate and vomit all over the place. You'll have to employ a handyman to take care of your machinery. He handyman will also keep the hospital clean and water your plants. And donít think: "I donít like plants so I wonít put them in my hospital". No, no, the patients will be very happy when they are able to enjoy the occasional plant and you need happy patients to successfully finish a level.

I can only imagine the enormous amounts of fun the people at Bullfrog Productions (now EA UK) must have had while creating this game. They invented the most amusing diseases, like: Infected Laughter, Squilts, Unexpected Swelling, Kidney Beans, Spare Ribs, Transparency, Uncommon Cold, The King Syndrome (you actually see a Elvis figure walking through your hospital), Fake blood etc. I can only imagine the fun they had proposing these illnesses to their superiors. That must have been a meeting I would have paid money for to witness!

When you start a level you first get bit of info about the particular demands you have to meet in order to finish the level in question. For example: you have to be efficient or you have to train young doctors, just to name a few. Read it well and follow that advice to win a level. Every level is more difficult than the previous one and you will have to deal with the likes of earthquakes and epidemics. It really is a challenge and every time I failed, I was very disappointed. And, like all those years ago, again I reached a point where I couldn't complete the level at hand. I just kept getting stuck all the time! I think this is mainly because there is no strategy guide to this game, no hints whatsoever. So I did what every self respecting elderly gamer would do: I searched the internet. I didnít want cheats, but hints. I found a Theme Hospital playing guide, submitted by Jeansy, which really immensely helped me when I got stuck again. It really clarified what to do and why. Thank you Jeansy, you absolutely helped me beat the game!

To play this game you might have to lower the in-game resolution of your screen to about 800 x 600. This might sound lame in this day and age, but it helps you to enjoy the game at its best. The graphics arenít that great; itís obvious a classic game. But, notwithstanding the aged graphics, I had so much fun playing this game and discovering the varying obstacles on my way to victory. Every level has something unique to offer in ways of inventive gameplay. I really had a lot of fun with this noteworthy classic and I will positively keep playing it for hours and hours.

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