Like any other year, 14 February came round again, and so did Valentine's day. DumeeGamer's own Daisy Gunpowder got into a romantic mood and played The Love Chronicles: The Spell. Itís a game about a young prince, who has the same nightmare every single night. In this nightmare, he is called to travel to another Kingdom by an old man. This kingdom, as luck would have it, is of course cursed by an evil spell... Coincidence?! I think not! Everybody in the aforementioned Kingdom has the same evil dream from which they cannot wake up.

As we've come to expect from people that live in cursed kingdoms, they themselves can't do anything about the curse, so they are in desperate need of your help. Well, that's just fine and dandy! Just because they can't be bothered to take a stand against an evil witch that has the entire kingdom trapped in the same nightmare, they send me bad dreams. Thanks guys, really! Would it have killed you to send an email instead?! Oh well, never mind! So to sum it all up: Kingdom, witch, bad dreams, help! Got it? Good!

Seeing as how the prince is a good little chap, how the people really, really need help to defeat the evil witch who has trapped the whole Kingdom with those evil dreams, and how he is getting pretty tired of the incessant nightmares, the prince decides to come to their aid. . So he says goodbye to his mum and dad (the King and Queen), and off he goes. He starts searching for the kingdom that he has seen in his dreams. He travels for days on end, and finally he arrived at the cursed realm. Once there, he meets an old man, and recognizes him as the old man from his dream.

The game begins; the old man tells the story why the witch cursed the Kingdom. The kingdom's beautiful princess had her birthday, and everyone was invited... everyone? not quite! The king and queen had somehow managed to forget inviting the witch to the party. This, as any school child with only the most rudimentary knowledge of Disney will tell you, can definitely be classified as a 'bad thing'. So naturally, the witch was insulted and cursed the entire Kingdom. (See, I knew I heard this story before!) I now have the monstrous task to free the people from the curse before the last leaf of a specific maple tree falls (where the hell do they always get these curses? Evil-R-Us?!

This game has an unusual method of picking up things and put them together. No text, only pictures. On the left side of the screen, there is a frame with pictures of items I have to collect. Some things are more well-hidden than others. When I move the cursor around on my screen and some place lights up in purple, I can click on it, examine it even further and pick up more items. I also have the ability to travel between locations. Purple footsteps will appear in a picture when I can do so.

Love Chronicles: The Spell is a colourful game with a simple story, no scary things and therefore very suitable for younger children. Even more so because Love Chronicles: The Spell uses pictures instead of words to denote the items you are looking for. The single most surprising thing about the game was its ending; A happy ending, yes, but very unexpected. And no! I'm not going to tell you anything else. Just play the game and find out for yourself! I'm sorry to say that it's not really a game for Daisy Gunpowder, but what the heck, it's only Valentine's Day once a year!

Margriet "Daisy Gunpowder" Dumee

Love Chronicles: The Spell
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