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By Margriet "Daisy Gunpowder" Dumee on March 9, 2016

Hey, wait a minute... Iíve played a Lost Souls game before! Furthermore, I remember it being a very good game that even let you zoom in when playing the hidden objects areas. Because my eyes arenít what they used to be, I liked that very much. So why not play its successor as well?

Lost Souls: Timeless Fables tells the story of a girl named Bella, who has trouble sleeping; she keeps thinking about her brother and the ancient artefact he found by accident. And, as is more often than not the case in these games, he mysteriously disappeared. In Timeless Fables, the brother is sucked into an old ancient book (damn those old books!). Because Timeless fables would be a very, very short game if she didnít, the girl bravely decides to follow her brother into the book and save him. But, before you can get into the ancient tome in question, it seems you have to play through five other books: the Call of Cthulhu; Jack the Ripper; the Three musketeers; Robinson Crusoe and the Titanic.

Every one of these stories has a different objective for you to complete; In ďthe Call of CthulhuĒ, youíll have to help a professor get into a gloomy mansion. When you want to use the key, a strange and terrifying eye is looking at you through the keyhole! So I am prepared for the worst. In Robinson Crusoe, you are tasked to find a missing compass. More missing items await you in the Three Musketeers and finally, in Jack the Ripper youíll have to help a journalist get the story of a lifetime. In short; on your journey through these books, you meet a cast of interesting characters who all seem to need your help!

Each book contains several locations for you to unlock, every location in the style of the story in which it is located of course. For every location you complete, you receive a piece of an ancient artefact. When you have completed every location, you combine all of the pieces and get your brother back. You might have noticed that Iíve only mentioned four of the five stories in the previous paragraph. That is because the Titanic is a bonus game; maybe you can save the Titanic this time and change history.

When you start the game you can choose between easy and expert mode. When playing Timeless Fables in easy mode, the hints and the skip option recharge more quickly, active zones are highlighted by stars, making it easier for you to complete the story. On expert mode, the hints and the skip option take longer to recharge and the active zones arenít highlighted at all. I played the game in easy mode, mainly because Iím more interested in the story than I am in a difficult challenge.

In the bottom left corner of your screen, a globe is located, which serves as a map that lets you travel between locations. The game contains a hint button and incorporates one of my favourite features ever: you can zoom in on the hidden areas. The hidden object areas are filled with words and/or pictures for you to find. When you have found all the items you need, there is always one more to find.

I really liked playing Lost Souls: Timeless Fables; it contains more than enough hidden object areas for you to enjoy and lets you collect coins and earn achievements as you play through the story. The only thing that slightly bothered me was the fact that I had some trouble picking up items from my inventory. Sometimes, I was able to pick them up at once, while at aother times I had to click a few times before I could pick them up. And although this was slightly annoying, it wasnít that big of a deal and certainly didnít stop me from thoroughly enjoying this truly fantastic game.

available on:

Fenomen Games & G5 Games
December 10, 2015 (latest version)