By Margriet "Daisy Gunpowder" Dumee on June 2, 2014

In The Treasures of the Mystic Sea, you command a pirate ship. At the very start you are shown a treasure map, with a ring highlighting your current position; a stage that is very aptly named: ‘ The Beginning of the Journey’. If you click on this ring, a simple field of blocks pops up on your screen. It’s your task to get rid of all these blocks to continue your journey. To do so, you will have to arrange the tiles in groups of three, all with the same symbol on them. Needless to say, this first stage is a bit of a tutorial, so it’s easy to complete.

As you progress, the stages become more difficult to complete. The fields get larger and are strewn with obstacles like shackles and boxes you have to break. Keys and keyholes of the same colour you have to open. And jewels you must remove from the playing field by (yes, you’ve guessed it…) making the tree-in-a-row combinations. These combinations can be made horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

I must admit, the very first time I played The Treasures of the Mystic Sea, I thought: ‘Man, all these flickering tiles are driving me crazy! But when you play it for a little while, you’ll notice the intricacy of the game and discover that it’s well worth playing. The creators of this title did their best to give us a great game with fascinating level names and nicely drawn tiles, which are all incorporated into the games’ pirate theme. Among the pictures on the tiles are: skeleton heads, bombs, treasure chests, pistols, hooks etc. The various stages all have pirate-y sounding names, such as: Lost Island, Unknown Shores, Sharp reefs, Mysteries of the Ocean, The Terror of the Seas, Pirates Cave, The Treasure of Savage Island, The Island of Cannibals and The Mystery Volcano.

The game also features a timer, which means there is time to think, but don’t think for too long! To aid you in your quest for booty, there’s an inventory on the left side of your screen, containing useful power-ups. There are 7 different kinds of power-ups, all with their own color and properties. My favorite is (of course) Dynamite; it removes tiles by blowing them up. Bang!! You’ve completely disintegrated a pesky tile and you can go on.

Your inventory doesn’t fill up itself of course, so you will have to stock it with power-ups. You can do so by removing tiles from the playing field. Each of these blinking tiles has the same color as the power-up you are trying to acquire. But while you’re playing you tend to forget all about filling up your power-ups, because you are frantically trying to clear the playing field. Making combinations, breaking boxes… Man, even right at this moment I just want to stop writing and play this game again and again.

WARNING: there’s a serious chance you might get addicted to this game! When you start playing The Treasures of the Mystic Sea it’s really hard to quit. But why you would want to quit?? You just want to play… Well ok, and eat or drink something once in a while...

Okay, I think it’s pretty obvious by now that I’ve had a fantastic time playing this game. There’s really nothing I can possibly add right now. So this is me, signing off.

Till next time,

Daisy Gunpowder.

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