By Margriet "Daisy Gunpowder" Dumee on May 16, 2014

This point and click game looks beautiful and I am excited to begin. At the start of the game we are told the tale of Sadwick, the sorrowful clown. Heís bothered by nightmares and wants to know what they mean. In his dreams, he is chased by a mysterious blue orb as the world around him collapses.

You play as aforementioned Sadwick. There is a tutorial that you can follow through, but itís optional. Interactive objects or characters make the cursor glow, so you know you can click it. When you click on something you get a eye symbol, a mouth symbol and a hand symbol. They appear in a circle around your cursor, so it is easy to select the appropriate action.

Sometimes you have to click several times to open the symbols. The eye symbol means look at an object, the mouth means talk, and the hand signifies that you can pick up an object. So far, business as usual. There is a hint button, so you can see what the game wants you to do. If you press the spacebar all the points of interest lights up. So thatís easy.

A cutscene at the start of the game shows Sadwick waking up. You have to find things and solve puzzles to go on and talk a lot to other people. I personally thought there was a little too much talking involved. It took the pace out of the game. But then again, if you're a fan of in game conversations, you will absolutely love it!

It took me quite a while to figure out how to get out of the trailer Sadwick woke up in. I searched and searched and clicked away a dozen pair of high heels on a tile floor before I finally solved the first section of the game. Whispered Word: 1, my confidence: 0. But hey, we don't want games to be too easy, so I pressed on. And I was not to be disappointed by this game.

The graphics of The Whispered World are great. It contains detailed animations, funny characters and a good soundtrack. It is a visually impressive game, just like what we have come to expect from our friends at Daedalic Entertainment. The sounds, the visuals, everything makes for an enjoyable gaming experience. Exclusive content from the Special Edition includes audio commentary by John "Poki" Muller-Michaelis and Marco HŁllen, as well as the orchestral soundtrack and unlock achievements.

available on:

Daedalic Entertainment
May 6, 2014