By Margriet "Daisy Gunpowder" Dumee on November 11, 2015

Winter is coming; itís cold, the days are getting shorter and darkness sets in very early. So itís time to play a game! I have to say, I am very curious about this game. The Mystery Trackers games are well-known and I expect a lot of this adventure game, featuring puzzles and hidden objects.

The game starts with an ominous call for help: mayday, mayday!! This cry for help is accompanied by a loud scream... The transmission seems to come from the arctic research center, Winterpoint Station. Wait a minute! Agent Shade was stationed there, and now she seems to have gone missing. Well, I am the detective around here and I have to go look for agent Shade and find out what the hell has happened. During the game, Iím helped by Elf, my Chihuahua dog. When I arrive at the Winterstation. I find agent Shade in a kind of airtight cell with very little oxygen left. Naturally, I save her, after which she tells me that she was attacked by mysterious creatures called Cold Stalkers. These creature are roaming the station, intent on seizing power and freezing the entire world! Well, I canít bloody well let that happens now, can I?

As is often the case with strange creatures, intent on taking over the planet, these cold stalkers (or northern men) arenít very friendly. Agent Shade tells me that there is an artefact that mustnít fall into their hands, because if it does, the Cold Stalkers will be able to control our minds. Alas, not everything goes according to plan, and the artefact does get into the hands of the Cold Stalkers. Luckily, we are saved just in time by a shamanís apprentice and I can resume my mission: saving the world.

My most shocking moment of the game; at a certain point, I was absolutely stuck and I had to ask for a hint. ***SPOILER AHEAD*** It seemed I had to kill the head cold stalker with an enchanted harpoon. Well, innocent and unaccustomed to games that feature killing as I am, I didnít actually think I would use the harpoon to kill someone. But, I did what was expected of me, killed the cold stalker and saved the world (again). Alas, my euphoria was short-lived, because when I glance out a window of Winterpoint Station, I see the world turn into a frozen wasteland of ice and snow. Oh no, one of the Cold Stalkers must have survived...

Winterpoint Tragedy is a hidden object / adventure game, featuring all the usual stuff you'd expect from a game in this genre; you can play the game on various difficulty settings, ranging from easy to hard, there is a hint button and an interactive map (Yaj! I love a map. Now I know where I'm going). You can travel fast between locations and you can see at which locations there's still stuff for you to do. So, if these are the standard features, one would expect from a hidden object game, what's new in Winterpoint Tragedy? Well, for one, an area scanner; this is more like a kind of extra hidden object area, but itís very nicely done and fun to play! Also, further on in the game, you receive a call on your mobile phone. Ok, not actually on your own phone of course, but a mobile phone icon appears on screen, which I thought was a nice touch. The puzzles you'll encounter during your travels arenít, generally speaking, insanely difficult, but can be quite tricky at times. Contrary to the puzzles, the (very few) hidden objects areas are a piece of cake.

Cake... hmmm... Cake and Tea... and another game perhaps? Right, I'm off! I hope to see you all next time, right here in the Grey Area!

available on:

Elephant Games & Big Fish Games
August 2014