Rollers of the Realm is a great pinball/RPG game. No, donít worry, thereís nothing wrong with your eyes. You read it right; a pinball/RPG game. If you like these two genres, then this is a game for you.

Rollers of the realm starts with a young lady who has a dog, and spends all her time searching for money (now thereís a hobby!). Alas, it seems this young lady is currently out of luck! Before she knows it, sheís discovered by mercenaries of the evil blacksmith, who eventually kidnap her dog. With the help of a knight and a healer the dog has to be rescued. And the only way to fulfill this task is byÖ well, by playing pinball!

Yes, though it is a little strange that your characters are indeed pin balls, itís actually the truth. For example:, if your character, the girl, goes out pick pocketing, you do this by playing a game of pinball. You empty the pockets of people you want to relieve of their possessions by hitting them with your balls of steelÖwait, that didnít come out right, now did it? Ah what the hell, itís true!

As the story continues, you cross paths with even more heroes, who you can use to vanquish all evil-doers you encounter on your quest. At some point you can feel the need for a certain character, but you havenít met him yet. In that case you can rent/purchase characters to join your adventure. Speaking of buying, as in any other RPG game itís possible to spend the money you earn in the game on armor and weapons.

While playing the game you will earn money, XP and mana. You need mana to use the special abilities of your characters. The knight can stop your pin balls from falling through the hole. The girl is a rogue and she can call her dog for help, to distract people for example. The healer can be used to heal the flippers, whenever they get damaged. You also need mana to revive your heroes, when they are so unfortunate as to have fallen from the playing field. You will lose when all your heroes have died by falling in a hole or get defeated by enemies.

The playing fields get more and more elaborate and complicated as you proceed through the game. Sometimes itís like a sort of maze and youíll need to guide your pin ball to certain points on the field. At other times youíll have to light torches, knock down enemies and collect items. The developers have really stretched the pinball concept to its maximum, without making it less fun!. You can enjoy a pinball game in a whole other way then youíre used to.

They did an outstanding job on the concept as well on the graphics and music. Itís not limited to just pinball/arcade sounds, but more atmospheric. In my opinion, thatís a good thing. It shows that the RPG element is equally as important as the pinball aspect. Itís also nice to have a choice between controller and keyboard and mouse or the PS Vita. And besides the storyline you can also play the tournament mode. So you see, thereís a way for everyone to enjoy this game. Now grab your balls and start playingÖ and that still didnít come out rightÖoh well, just play the game and youíll see what I mean!

Michael "Magic Mike" Dumee

Rollers of the Realm
PC, PS Vita
Phantom Compass & Atlus
November 18 (PC) & November 26 (PS Vita), 2014