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By Raymond "Captain AwesomeBeard" Dumee on January 4, 2017

Mario comes to iOS, Lets-a Go for a review!

Is Santa real? Do wishes actually come true? This must be, because Mario is coming to mobile devices! Nintendo development chief Shigeru Miyamoto revealed the news himself at last September's Apple event. A new kind of Mario game that you can play with one hand. As an enthusiast of both brands of gaming, in my opinion, there is no possible way that this could go wrong... or could it?

Mario and me go back, way back. Back to a time when the game was still 8-bit and "The Princes is in Another Castle" was usually your reward for clearing a world. And even before that, when Mario was only a co-star in the first Donkey Kong game. I played almost all of the Super Mario Brothers games and all the newer editions too, like Mario Galaxy. The basic setup is the same; running through the levels, filled with a colourful cast of opponents, and let's not forget making your way through these worlds in order to reach a castle at the end. I must have played these games about as many times as the very well known Mario tune repeats itself during said games. I also know all the tunes from the NES games by the way... don't know if that's a good thing?

Now, so many years later, out comes Nintendo with a complete new game, specifically designed for the iPhone and iPad. In this new edition, you don't even need to run yourself. No sir, in Super Mario Run, Mario runs through the levels and you can tap to jump or tap and hold to jump higher, simple as that. There are three different ways to play Super Mario Run: World Tour, Toad Rally and Kingdom Builder. World Tour consists of a total of six worlds, each containing three levels and an end stage. Your objective is to reach the end of a level, collecting coins and defeating enemies along the way, ultimately defeating Bowser and saving Princess Peach.

The second mode, Toad Rally, lets you compete against players from all over the world for the all-time high score. The last mode, Kingdom Builder will keep you busy by building a kingdom for your Toads, using collected coins from the other modes. The more Toads you have in your kingdom the more you can expand your Toad empire.

I personally liked the World Tour mode the best, because it's just the most interesting to play. Being a Mario fan and adapt, I managed to finish the six worlds in no time flat. Running through the levels does feel a bit strange; not able to go back or stop when I wanted to, but I knew I had to free the princess! Ok, Princes Peach is free, so now what? Well, In each level there are five special coins to collect, after collecting the five pink coins you can try the level again to collect the purple coins and If you manage that, you can collect five green coins. In order to get those green coins you'll really have to push your skills to the limit. Interesting, but still I feel a little bit disappointed. I expected to spend more time getting though the different worlds. Another small disappointment is the fact that there are no themed worlds, it's all mixed, it doesn't give me the good-old Mario feeling yet.

The best thing about Super Mario Run is the fact that there are more modes to choose from. Like I said, building your Kingdom is fun, but it's more to just keep you busy. The Toad Rally is something to get addicted to; you play against a ghost of another player and you need to get more coins than your opponent and more cheers in order to win. The worlds are similar to those in the first mode, but with some small differences and quite a bit more hectic. Due the competition, I really want to do better, I want to get more coins, I want to get another coin rush. I want to defeat the other player, whoever he or she might be. By winning, you earn toads for your Kingdom and the more toads, the more you can build in your Kingdom.

I played the full version of Super Mario Run on my iPhone. The free demo only contains three levels and is basically nothing but a warm-up. After that, you will need to buy to continue. The complete game is, compared to most mobile games, a bit more expensive than usual, but it is an all-in price so you don't have to purchase those nasty in-app extras.

So, is Super Mario Run worth it, in the end? As a big fan of the Mario franchise, I can't help but feel a little disappointed. Not that it is a bad game, far from it! It's just that the old-school levels are short, the six worlds only contain four levels and it is not very difficult or tricky to save the princes. On the other hand, it is very playable with one hand, as promised, and the Toad Rally really is a lot of fun to play. It even made me want to create a Miimoto! So yes, I can picture myself playing the game for a longer period. I also still have more than enough purple and green coins to catch and if updates keep coming with some extra levels from time to time, Mario is well on his way to becoming a classic on mobile devices too!

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December 15, 2016