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By Rick "Herr Doktor von Brienenstein" van Brienen on October 18, 2017

Okay! First things first. I want you to know that I sacrificed a few years of my own life playing these games! But, seeing as how I'm the new PSPlus writer for DumeeGamer.com, I gladly accepted the challenge and suffered the concequences! Am I the most noble man you have ever met, or what? What do you mean: "Not by a long shot"?! Riiiiiight...Let's move on!

The first game of the PS Plus lineup for October 2017 that caught my eye was Amnesia: Collection, so I decided to make this my inaugural PS Plus review. In the first of the three Amnesia games you wake up clueless in a huge mansion or castle and you find a few notes, written by yourself implying you need to kill the lord of manor: Alexander of Brennenburg. Why you need to kill him or what he has done to you, you don't know yet but you find out in all kind of flashbacks. Now you need to find your way to him by following a path, solving puzzles and avoid getting killed by monsters along. the way.

From Hero to Zero
At first you think you can handle it all, roam around every room, check every corner. But your heroic pose will shrink to zip rapidly! I was raiding every room like Indiana Jones himself when a door slammed open, killing all the lights.. Needles to say, I wasn't scared at all and at some point. About 10 minutes later, I started breathing again, picked up my controller once more and un-paused the game. This is what the game does to you, your confidence will shrink ever so slightly all the time.

Where is that damn Sherlock when you need him?!
The puzzles in this game aren't really that hard. All you need to do is think logically, combine stuff or walk a certain path. The thing that makes it hard is what could possibly lurk around this corner? or that corner? or... wait! Did you guys hear that? The game messing with your head will make these puzzles very complicated as you are starting to doubt yourself. Personally I think the puzzles are just right, I really like them a lot. A big part why I like them is the way they operate. The controls for the puzzles or opening drawers is really clever. You need to hold "X" or a trigger button and slide open the drawer with the right stick. This makes for a better immersion and doesn't get old or boring.

Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?
Sanity plays a big part in the Amnesia games. If you stay in the dark too long you will lose sanity. If you think all this does is blur the edges of the screen (like me) you are very wrong! Loss of sanity will make you easier to track by monsters, you'll start to hear footsteps or bugs that aren't even there. You can also collapse to the floor, making you crawl for light. So I really recommend you take every tinderbox or flask of lantern oil you find or you are going to have a bad time!

Alright, at this point I am a few hours in the first game. In real time a bit longer due to unfortunate pauses. You know, I had to wait because my cat ate my controller, my house was on fire and I got the occasional Sahara sand in my eyes... Notwithstanding the fact that I was scared shitless. I mean, slightly startled most of the time, there's just something about this game that makes it hard to really put down. I usually don't really like horror games, but those quick flashbacks make for a good enough story, good enough to draw me back in and keep on playing! Damnit!

Charles?! Where is Charles...?
Brennenburg Castle seems endless but no corridor feels like the last because there will be environmental effects like doors slamming, chandeliers falling or you know, the occasional monster chasing you. The graphics are really nice and the scenery really makes for a nice immersion and the paintings look amazing. Amazingly creepy that is!

Alright, let's summarize!
If you like horror(games) or puzzle games or if you enjoy the thought that a black shadowy figure is gnawing on your leg this game will suit you. At first I thought this was just another horror game but it isn't. It is unique in every way. I really enjoyed playing it although I'm a big wuss! This was the first PS Plus game I have ever covered and boy, did it make an impression on me! Whew! Now let's go back and kill that Alexander!

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November 22, 2016