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By Tom "El Diablo" Brock on October 3, 2018

The smell of a freshly mowed pitch, the sound of thousands of screaming fans in the stands and the look of sheer and utter ego on the face of Cristiano Ronaldo. Put together, this can only mean one thing... FIFA is back, baby!

Over the years, I have said many things about FIFA; some of them positive, some slightly less positive. But no matter how many times I tell myself that I won't buy it next year, I just know that I'm still going to. It's the one game that consistently gets played all throughout the year whether it's by myself or against my friends and it is pretty much the ultimate game to claim bragging rights when you beat said friends. So, let's dive right into it, it's a new season everybody! Kickoff is upon us!

Let me get the most popular game mode out the way first: FIFA Ultimate Team. Ultimate team has seen a few changes so let's start with the biggest one, division rivals! Division rivals is the new way to get yourself qualified for weekend league. The way it works is that after you play a set of placement matches, you get assigned to a division based on your skill, in that division you can play games to earn points in your skill rating to qualify for weekend league and potentially move up in divisions! Secondly, FIFA has added player picks. Player picks are obtainable as reward through squad building challenges. Instead of receiving a pack for completing an SBC, you'll get a selection screen containing 5 players, one of which you can send to your club permanently. I must say it looks a lot like the player selection screen in Fut Draft! Lastly, They have added special Champions League cards that work similarly to the Ones To Watch cards. Whenever the player on the card performs well in the real life Champions League, that card gets permanently upgraded!

A personal favourite game mode of mine since FIFA 17 has been The Journey, which is the story mode FIFA has. After already introducing switching between protagonists last year, you can now advance with every character separately, and switch between them whenever you please! There's also a "recommended marker" the game shows you to keep the story as interesting as possible, so you don't get bored of playing as just one character for too long!

Obviously the main story still revolves about Alex Hunter, who gets the opportunity of a lifetime when he strikes a deal with Real Madrid and has a chance to become their main striker in an attempt to win the Champions League, but we also haven't forgot about Danny Williams, who is still making waves in the English Premier League. However, this year there's a third storyline, as you need to help Alex' sister Kim to women's world cup glory with the USA! I personally enjoy the hell out of The Journey this year. I like the storylines, the cut scenes are really good and the fact that you can switch characters whenever you want is amazing! I would definitely recommend playing it!

Finally, let's talk gameplay. And boy, do I enjoy the way FIFA 19 feels so far! The gameplay feels so fluent and fast-paced! The gameplay doesn't feel as slow and methodical as last year's, where I personally thought it took way too long to actually get to your opponent's goal, let alone score in it. This year however, there is no blinking, as soon as your attack is over, the opponent will already be putting pressure on your defence with another attack! Gameplay-wise FIFA 19 reminds me of FIFA 13, but without the sheer abuse of your player's pace, which is a good thing because that to me was the best gameplay up until this year! I can well and truly tell you that I have never enjoyed the first week of a FIFA release as much as this one! Now, let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that the big patch that's probably coming up (because they do one a month after release every year) won't change the gameplay too much!

When I say I enjoy the game more than ever, I can't leave out one of my favourite additions to kick-off mode this year:

House rules is a new game mode that features several special types of match rules. For example: the long range mode, where every goal from outside the penalty box will count for 2 goals. And, of course, there are other modes to try!

The Survival Mode, or as I like to call it, the Battle Royale, where every time you score a goal, one of your players has to leave the pitch.

And, my personal favourite thing in FIFA 19, the No Rules Mode, where fouls, cards and offside simply do not exist! This mode especially is incredibly fun to play against friends, as it's simply hilarious to just slide directly into your opponent's ankle, leaving them in pain, as you simply run away with the ball without any repercussions. Or just to kick the crap out of Robin van Persie. I hate that guy so much!

But seriously, just try out these game modes, they're ridiculously fun. Plus, it's also pretty funny to kick the crap out of van Persie. OKAY I'LL STOP NOW!

So, when it comes to simply enjoying FIFA, FIFA 19 is as good as it gets. The gameplay is incredibly fluent, The Journey is super captivating and the house rules kick-off mode is simply the best thing to ever be added to FIFA... EVER! So even if you haven't bought FIFA in years, I'd seriously recommend picking this one up from your local game store or favourite online platform, I guarantee you'll have a blast playing again!

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September 28, 2018