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By Tom "El Diablo" Brock on June 16, 2016

Time to kick some serious ass!

Oh man, I have waited for so long to play this game! So, as soon as I got my copy I immediately started playing. I couldn't wait to, once again, jump into the life of Batman and also play as my friends the Joker, Scarecrow, the Flash, Deadshot and of course my wife Harley Quinn. (I don't care what anyone says, she is my wife.) Also, I only played the previous game on last gen, so I was very curious about the graphics and the current gen gameplay.

So, after playing one regular match just to feel out the gameplay, I dived straight into the story mode. I loved the complexity of the previous game's story, so I was excited to get through it! I'm not going to spoil to much about the story itself, so I won't go into much detail about it, but what I loved about it was the fact that you got the chance to play as a lot of different characters because of the fact that you could choose which hero to play in some of the chapters. I also enjoyed the main enemy of the game, he felt like a genuine threat. With the help of his 'pawns' that worked for him on earth, it was a tough road to get to him, especially because the regime was also slowing me down. So yeah, the story was epic! Hope I didn't spoil anything. Now to move on to the actual gameplay.

In my opinion, the gameplay of this game's predecessor was fine; it didn't feel as fluent as Mortal Kombat for example, but it did the job for me. However, a lot of people were a little bugged about that. Injustice 2 obviously learned from these critics and this time the gameplay was as smooth as my pickup lines on a night out. (Disclaimer: My pickup lines are definitely not as smooth as Injustice 2's gameplay, so please don't test me on it) But yeah, I enjoyed the gameplay from the start, because it felt a lot like Mortal Kombat X, a game that I still play up until this day.

Two major new additions to the game make it a little more interesting than MKX though, two features that I will cover later on in this review...

FOOLED YOU! I hate keeping you waiting, so here we go. The first major addition is the levelling system for characters. At first I was a little sceptical about this, because it reminded me of Call of Duty, which I hate for the fact that higher level players have an advantage over lower level players. An advantage so big, it's near to impossible to overcome. However, my doubts were proven wrong, the levelling system is active both online and offline, so if you get slaughtered by higher level players online, you can just let that rest for a bit while you level up your favourite character offline up until the point you can go back online and just pretty much ruin the lives of everyone you face!

Another thing which makes the levelling system less overpowered is the fact that, in Injustice 2, you can finally fully customize your characters! Yes, you heard it correctly, sports fans! The voice in your head that narrates precisely what I write down here, is absolutely spot on! This is the first ever fighting game where there is a big customization perk! Usually in fighter games, you can unlock or purchase alternate skins for your character, but you can't combine different skins to your liking, and it doesn't add anything to the actual gameplay. But in Injustice 2, the possibilities are close to limitless! Your characters' gear can be customized in 5 different areas depending on the character you choose (for example the Joker has a customizable face, coat, arms, legs and knife), you can also unlock alternate abilities and even some neat alternate skins! (Which will only impact the colour of your gear, but it still adds a lot of awesomeness!) All these things can be found in loot boxes, after completing a match or after completing a part of the story! So you will get plenty of new gear and you'll get it often! For me personally, this is one of my favourite new things about the game, I love personalizing my favourite characters to my liking and seeing them dominate in battle.

Another awesome new addition to the game is the multiverse, look at it like battle towers, but different. The multiverse constantly gets updated with new challenges and new battle towers. One more difficult than others, but all with great rewards. This way, playing offline never gets boring! Which is something that some other fighting games can't say.

Injustice 2 has once again shown me why I love fighting games and why I love the DC Universe. The story was amazing, the gameplay is great, the graphics are insanely real and it just doesn't get boring whatsoever! Ed Boon and friends, hats off to you, you once again showed me how good games are done!

So yeah, in summary:
- If you're a fan of fighting games, buy Injustice 2.
- If you're a fan of Batman, buy Injustice 2.
- If you're a fan of Superman, buy Injustice 2.
- If you're a fan of the DC Universe as a whole, buy Injustice 2.
- If you're somehow a fan of me or my articles, buy Injustice 2.
- If you're a fan of great games, buy Injustice 2.
- If your birth certificate proves that you are a human being, buy Injustice 2.

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May 18, 2017