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NBA 2K17

By Tom "El Diablo" Brock on October 2, 2016

Step up your game!

Over the last few months I discovered the NBA 2K franchise, thanks to NBA 2K16 being available as a free download from the PSN store. I loved playing the game with friends and they all liked it, even though they never watch basketball! Considering last year's game was that good, I had high hopes for 2K17. So let's get into it!

NBA is all about basketball, and whereas 2K16 had a very nice story in MyCareer mode, I personally thought it was too much story... Don't get me wrong, it was a good story; it was just way too long for a basketball game. This year, there's still a story to be found in MyCareer, but it's way more focused on basketball and you'll actually be able to spend more time playing games than watching said story unfold. So that, in my opinion, was a big step up from last year's MyCareer mode. You can create your own player and also name him. The game will give you the nickname “Pres”, which is what they will call you in the story. You'll start off at a college team and if you manage to impress there, you'll be drafted to an NBA team. From there on out, you'll develop yourself to a true NBA all-star!

MyCareer starts off pretty easily, in the college games it's likely that you'll score all points for your team in a game. The computer controlled players won't be near as good as you. But, after you're drafted into the NBA, the real challenge starts. You will notice that you won't make those 3 point shots as easily as you did in college, and that you'll be benched a lot at first. So the game definitely has a challenge to it when it comes to actual gameplay.

Gameplay itself hasn't really changed a lot. The most significant thing that has changed is the shot bar. In 2K16, you had to release your shot in a certain zone in the middle of the shot bar, in 2K17 however, you have to get as close to the end of the shot bar as possible. In the beginning I really had to adjust to it, but I got used to it pretty fast and I reckon most of you will as well.

When it comes to graphics, 2K once again proved why it's one of the best gaming companies out there. Players look spot on, the stadiums are insanely authentic and the in-game details complete the picture. Only constructive comment I've got is about the wacky faces my player makes in MyCareer sometimes, it's funny sometimes but I don't want to look like I'm sleeping with my eyes open during a conversation in the story. But that little thing aside, 2K17 has some amazing graphics.

As usual, playing head to head against a friend is a lot of fun, exciting and tense until the final buzzer. NBA 2K17 can easily go head to head with Fifa on that one. Finally, I have to compliment 2K on the soundtrack of the game. Although I wasn't that much of a fan of suddenly hearing Lil Kleine in the game, the rest of the soundtrack was amazing once again.

So once again, 2K delivered an amazing game that's fun to play both individually and with friends. MyCareer never gets boring and the true NBA experience can really be felt in the game. 2K might slowly be becoming my favorite game developer, does that make me biased? I don't mind though. If you get the chance to pick the game up, I highly recommend doing so! You won't regret it!

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NBA 2K17
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September 20, 2016