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By Tom "El Diablo" Brock on June 21, 2016

Best partygame ever!

Havenít we all thought about what football would be like if it would have been played in cars? Of course we have! And havenít we all thought of those cars being able to drive into each other at full speed, making the other car explode? And being able to fly with your car when you jump in it while using your turbo? Okay maybe I got a little bit carried away there but you know what I mean! And you know what the best part is? All of the above is possible in Rocket League!

Rocket League first caught my attention when it was a free download for Playstation Plus subscribers in the month of July last year. Unfortunately, I was too poor to afford a Playstation 4 back then. Luckily for me, I was able to play the game through my work at Game Mania. At first, I thought that the game would be pretty amateuristic, but I was proven wrong very quickly.

So, letís talk about what the main goal in the game is. The main goal in the game actually is the goal. (Iím sorry for my terrible humor please stay with me here) But in all seriousness now, your goal is to score more goals in your car than your opponent(s), you can choose to do that on your own in a 1V1 match or you can team up with your friends in an online (or local) multiplayer match.

Recently, Rocket League has added new game modes. You can now drive your car on a pitch made out of ice and instead of trying to get the ball into the opponents goal, you have to manage to get a hockey puck into the goal. The puck adds a certain type of unpredictability to the game, because it doesnít move or bounce the way a normal ball does. Also, very recently Rocket League started a collaboration with the NBA, adding flags of all the team logos that are in the NBA and a basketball game mode! The basketball game mode is a very interesting new mode, because the way to score is completely different from football, even players that have been playing Rocket League since its release and have mastered the game to perfection needed to completely overhaul their tactics for this game mode.

If you first start playing the game, it will probably not take long for you to master the controls. For example, Iíve already played a few games with my grandpa (who has never played videogames before and is 75 years old!) and even he managed to learn how to play the game and even scored a few goals in an offline multiplayer match! (and no, not by accident) So, basically, Rocket League is a videogame that can be played by pretty much everyone!

When it comes to the difficulty of your opponents, there are two situations. If you choose to play offline, you can set the opponents to a difficulty level of your preference. So if youíre just starting off you can simply set your opponents on amateur level and learn how to play the game in all the peace you want. And if youíre already a little more experienced, you can up the difficulty and go for more of a challenge. If you choose to play online, I advise you to not play ranked matches until you have developed some good tactics and skills. People who play online are (on average) pretty good at playing the game and will play circles around you if youíre completely new to the game.

For a game thatís only Ä20,- in the Playstation store at the moment, the graphics, physics and sound effects are absolutely amazing. Stadiums often feel more overwhelming than they do in Fifa, and thatís really saying something. Since Iíve first started playing Rocket League, I havenít discovered any glitches and I havenít experienced any online difficulties. Rocket League really knows what itís doing.

Rocket League is one of the most fun games to play in recent history. The game is suitable to be played by almost every person you could imagine, from 6-year olds to 75-year olds, from hardcore gamers to casual gamers, they all come together to play this game! Thatís why Iím going to drop the bomb and say that Rocket League is hands down the best party game currently available. You donít even have to like football (or cars) to agree to that. Just play it and youíll find yourself saying the same thing afterwards!

available on:

June 7, 2015 (digital download)
June 18, 2016 (physical game)