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WWE 2K16

By Tom "El Diablo" Brock on June 16, 2016

Arrive. Raise hell. Leave.

Considering this edition of the WWE 2K series was going to be my second one yet, my expectations were pretty high. Last yearís game was good, but had a few things in it of which I personally wasnít a fan. But when the trailers for 2K16 started showing up, I immediately got hyped. The biggest playable roster in a WWE game ever, a story mode about Stone Cold Steve Austin, and a completely overhauled story mode. What more can a WWE fan possibly ask for?

Letís start with the 2K showcase mode, which told the story of Stone Cold Steve Austinís career. Not only was the story about arguably the most entertaining WWE superstar ever, the showcase had more matches than any showcase has had in the past! It was very interesting to be able to relive some of Austinís greatest moments in his career and even find out about some more ďunder the radarĒ matches he has had.

The opponents you face during matches are programmed in a more challenging way. For example, if you hit your opponent with your finisher move in 2K15, the match would be over within seconds. Now, in 2K16 you could hit your finisher and your opponent might kick out of a pin attempt afterwards, this ups the challenge of a match and I love it. Matches against the computer are way more interesting now.

Regarding the gameplay 2K had come up with quite a few changes. The limited reversal system, the new way of working a submission hold and trying to make your opponent tap out and a new way to kick out of a so-called pin attempt. Overall I think the applied changes really made the game a lot better. The submission system actually has a tactical factor to it now instead of just button mashing, you can really master the kickout system and it wonít be reversal after reversal during a match anymore. (Note: If you donít like the limited reversal system, you can still switch it off in the settings)

Graphics this year are amazing once again. Itís easy to see that 2K put a lot of work into making the WWE superstars look as realistic as possible, even superstars that have passed away look extremely realistic even though they never had a face scan. Match physics have massively improved since last year. In 2K15 it wouldnít be weird to see someone going through a table without that table breaking or standing on a ladder thatís getting pushed over and somehow floating in the air when the ladder has fallen. I have been playing this game since its release in October now and I have only discovered one glitch, last year at this time, I already experienced about fifty.

The beloved universe mode hasnít had too many changes applied to it, but thatís a good thing because it already was pretty close to perfection last year. Career mode has been made way more extensive. You can personalize rivalries and choose which title you want to go after in your career as a WWE superstar. The only downside to this is that the length of the career has been made so long, that youíll eventually have seen it all and get tired of it.

WWE 2K16 is definitely one of my favorite games to play. The game has made so many improvements since last year and you get so much freedom in what you want to do in the game. 2K really knocked it out of the park. So, WWE fans, if the real WWE is letting you down, you can always rely on WWE 2K16 to make sure youíll have a good time!

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October 27, 2015