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WWE 2K19

By Tom "El Diablo" Brock on October 11, 2018


Hi again dear readers, it's ya boy again. And I'm back to talk about my favourite game series that gets a release every year: WWE! As some of you might know, I am a huge wrestling fan, so I always look forward to getting my hands on the new WWE 2K game when it comes around. So let's dive right into it with a flying clothesline!

I'll get straight to the point; last year, I was completely disappointed by the lack of improvement that 2K18 had made, but this year 2K has more than made up for it! When looking at the added features and changes in existing game modes, it immediately becomes clear that 2K has listened to the fans and has made having fun the main focus of the game once again. Whereas the focus the last couple of years has been to make it look as realistic and good-looking as possible, I feel like this year it is all about pleasing the fans, and in my opinion, they did so in a very good way!

First off, MyCareer, arguably the most popular game mode in the franchise; MyCareer has had a much needed, complete overhaul. It's no longer this overly long drag about fighting in the same match over and over again to reach a title fight and doing so, again, after winning or losing said title match. WWE 2K19 brings MyCareer to the level of a true story mode this time around, in which you start off on the independent wrestling circuit and have to work your way towards the WWE by creating a buzz around yourself. It won't be easy, as there are many challenging matches with different stipulations on your way towards the big time. And even when you reach the WWE, the struggle will continue, cause you'll always have somebody after you to take you out.

MyCareer has been given the changes it so desperately needed this year; a story, a new way to upgrade your characters attributes, a matchmaking system with lots of match variety and even side-matches! I can honestly say this has been my favourite Career Mode in the history of WWE 2K games, it was actually difficult for me to stop playing it and write this review, because I just want to see where the story takes me next so badly!

This year, 2K also made the brilliant decision to bring back Showcase mode, a mode missing from the game since 2K16. (No, I'm not going to count the Hall of Fame ones from the last 2 games because those are just random matches) This year's showcase features the career of the leader of the Yes! Movement, Daniel Bryan. 2K once again caters to the wishes of the fans by making the showcase revolve around the immensely popular Bryan. The showcase starts of way back in the year 2003, with Bryan's first encounter with John Cena, something that is quite unexpected since both men were relatively new and unknown in WWE at this stage of their respective careers. In between matches, current day Daniel Bryan talks you through the events that happened in his career, leading you towards the next match in his showcase. In the showcase you'll be revisiting all the big wins in Bryan's career, but also the lowest points in his career, like getting fired from WWE and being forced into early retirement. Daniel Bryan has one of the most compelling career stories in the current wrestling world and I think 2K did really well in making you go through it all again with this showcase.

Probably the biggest addition to universe mode this year has got to be the fact that you can now assign a total of 6 championships per show and the fact that you are now able to also set the holders of Money In The Bank briefcases! A welcome new feature if you ask me. But that is not where the Money In The Bank madness ends, because this year you can also create custom MITB briefcases for your Universe mode! Also, a minor addition is that you can now select the winner of matches you decide to simulate instead of play. When you simulated a match in previous games, the game would decide the winner for you and you would have no influence over it. Not an extremely big new feature, but a welcome one if you want certain superstars to climb up the power rankings, without having to play every match they're in to do so.

Lastlyl I want to talk about some random new things in the game and some gameplay features. First off; big head mode. When I played big head mode for the first time and saw Aleister Black rise from the ground with a gigantic head on his regular sized shoulders I simply lost it. I literally laughed throughout the entire match that followed. It might just be my type of humour, but there's just something about seeing wrestlers perform moves with a head that's bigger than their entire body that's simply hilarious. 10 out of 10 would recommend playing.

I haven't tried out the towers mode yet, but it is something that I'll get into once I've mastered the gameplay this year. I've heard people say that some of them, especially the Million Dollar Tower are incredibly difficult, so it's definitely something I'm interested in. It also reminds me of the towers in Mortal Kombat, which I loved, so yeah, good stuff!

Gameplay wise I think 2K has mastered the perfect control settings, it's fairly easy to get the hang of and I think it plays smoothly, the only thing they can improve on at this point is the targeting system in 8-man matches, but I understand that will always be difficult to do.

A new gameplay feature is the revenge-system. The revenge system is a meter that fills up whenever you take damage. As soon as it's full, you can use a special ability, like for example, an auto-reverse for when you're having trouble reversing some of the moves your opponent is throwing at you. You also have a major revenge meter which fills up more slowly than the other, but has a way bigger impact when it's full. For example, sometimes it will give you a free finisher in your stock or allows you to get an easy kick-out after being hit with a big move by your opponent.

To finish us off, I'd like to say that visually, 2K absolutely nailed how most of the wrestlers look, there are some exceptions, but those are probably wrestlers they couldn't get to scan into the game so they had to be handmade by the creators. However, they have been delivering on graphics consistently the last couple of years, so no big news there, yet still a compliment I need to hand to them.

So, as someone that spends a lot of time on anything wrestling related, I can say that I truly enjoy WWE 2K19. It's easily the best wrestling game 2K has made so far and the fact that I can barely think of anything they could still improve on says it all.

I'd like to close by stating the perfect line-up of champions for your universe mode:
Drew McIntyre as Universal Champion
Aleister Black as WWE Champion
Noam Dar as Cruiserweight Champion (Lio Rush is a dafty pass it on)
Pete Dunne as UK Champion
Killian Dain as US Champion

Might be a little biased though... AYE SEE DUB

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October 8, 2018