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By Dennis "CallMeBackdraft" Aspers on March 8, 2017

Guys, let me tell you something. If you ever get invited to go to Amsterdam for the Kickstarter release of a card game by the name of "BaRPiG", be ready to meet me in a not so much "professional" and/or "journalistic" way. Why? Well, let me tell you a tale that I would like to call: "Meeting the BaRPiG crew in Amsterdam and crashing on their couch".

Like the previous invitation I received to play the game that was still named BaRPG at that time, this invitation was sent to me by the head office and was little more than here's the address now go and come back with a story. So I went to the Ton Ton Club in Amsterdam's city center with all the best intentions in the world to represent Dumeegamer in a respectable manner. I think I was able to do so right up until the point the guys invited me to play the new and improved BaRPiG. After they did that the laughter and general giddiness just had to come out.

If you haven't read the previous review, what the hell is wrong with you!! Go on and read it here!

The game has changed quite a bit since then; not only it's name but a brand new game mechanic was added: the bar tab. The bar tab makes it so that the premise of the game is a little less focused on the consumption of alcohol for those that choose to live healthier lives then I do. They also added 2 more characters, the Glassassin and the Palealedin, and some other items with the same level of humor as we're used to from playing BaRPG. Apart from that, they are giving all the characters a portrait as well, which makes the game look even more awesome than before!!!

The changes took nothing away from the fun to be had while playing the game, they actually added to the fun! Plus, by making BarPiG more appealing for non-alcohol drinkers, even more players will be able to join in the fun! And, as always, while playing BaRPiG, never forget the golden rule: the more the merrier. The one thing the Bar Tab basically does is remove the drinking element from the game and replace it with a card that gives you a 10 "drink" limit on buying item cards. This means that when you buy an item with a 3 drink price you don't have to drink, you can just slide down your character card over the bar tab to lower the amount of drinks left on said tab. Your Bar Tab can be recharged and at a certain point by not buying an item card from the deck but instead throwing it on the discard pile. In doing so, you get to remove the value of the card from your tab, effectively raising the number of "drinks" left on it.

When we first played BaRPG, we were one of the lucky owners of a limited deck because only a prototype batch of 200 packs was made. But now not only the lucky first 200 are able to enjoy this game, you can actually own BaRPiG for yourself. Their Kickstarter campaign has just begun and they are looking to get funded for the (in kickstarter terms) tiny amount of only 6000,-! Maybe even more awesome is the fact that, if you are quick, you can get the game for no more than 3,- !!! If you back them for that amount on their Kickstarter page, that is...

This story doesn't end there however, as the title of the tale implies. Although I was planning on doing so, I didn't get home that night. But, instead of having to get a hotel room, Johno and Phil, who are the inventers of this awesome game, quickly offered me their couch to crash on! Another upside to this plan was that we, and especially me in this case, could enjoy a couple more games with them. At that point it was also shown to me how easily BaRPiG could be reverted back to BaRPG by just removing the Bar tab from the equation. The games I played with people that were complete strangers to me before that night showed me that the game was just as fun with your friends as it is with strangers.

Little did Johno and Phil know that by inviting me into their home they didn't just show me their kindness and how hospitable they are. No sir, they also gave me the opportunity to take a look at their Super Secret planning board which, of course, I couldn't resist taking a picture of. So now it is up to us guys and gals to make the dream of Johno and Phil come true! You can do this by getting your hands on a copy of BaRPiG and making sure the game becomes available to the masses. So make sure to visit their kickstarter page and back them if you are able to. Lastly, share the joyous news of BaRPiG with everybody you know... or even know remotely... or complete strangers!

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