Is it fun to play a FPS with the aid of a strategy guide? Thatís a question we asked ourselves here at Sure, we already reviewed The Last of Us Remastered strategy guide from Brady Games, but that was different. The pace of the game is slower than in a FPS. Can you read the page in your guide that fast, without getting killed? Do you have to pause your game all time or need someone who reads it to you?

So, here we are. We have the game and the strategy guide ready to go. The strategy guide gives you information about both the single and multiplayer mode. Weapons, drones, maps, everything is in it. As it should, I might add. What I like about Brady Games is that they can and do tell you about every detail without spoiling the fun.

Usually I like to play the game without a guide or walkthrough first. Then, when I've finished the game and I'm missing some of the treasures or collectables, I use a guide. But now I'm going to play this game and used the guide at the same time, both on my first run. The intro of the single player campaign starts and I read the information about the first chapter. Now I know which trophies I can earn and that there are pieces of Intel I can collect.

Most of the time the levels are not that brightly lit so at times it can be hard to tell if another person is your comrade or your enemy. Thatís why Brady Games decided to show images of how your enemies look within that particular level in the game. A helpful addition, I must say. And my comrades, who now have the advantage of not being riddled with my bullets, wholeheartedly agree.

At some points during Advanced Warfare youíll need to sneak around and kill your opponents in a stealthy fashion. It's in exactly these instances that I personally feel the maps in this strategy guide come in very handy. You donít waste time with checking which way to go, you can plot out your plan of attack in the blink of an eye.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has some cool new features that really contribute to the game play. Your Exo-suit is great! Now youíre able to perform boost jumps, dodges, aerial maneuvers and other powerful skills. Another item that comes in very handy from time to time is the MRI Assault Rifle. Now I can hear you think: 'Of course it comes in handy... it's a a FPS! That's like saying air comes in handy just in case you want to breathe!'. Ladies and gentlemen, please calm down. This is not our first FPS, of course we get the fact that a gun comes in handy! But what makes this gun special is its added feature. This weapon has a built-in 3d printing technique, which means that it creates its own clip of ammo. Theoretically this means youíll never run out of bullets, which is a good thing. Now that's what I call Advanced Warfare!

This latest installment of the Call of Duty series is truly impressive. The environments are stunning, and give you a real sense of being in the middle of the action. If Jack Mitchell (your character) gets dirty, I feel dirty. Your Exo-suit is giving you (the player) more freedom than ever before. And if all this visual and audible awesomeness wasn't enough, they've brought in Kevin Spacey! But is he your friend and ally? Letís just say that Kevin Spacey is singlehandedly responsible for a lot of confusion.

Brady Games proves that they can create a beautiful strategy guide with awesome artwork, filled with details about missions, weapons and enemies. It helps you on your way when you're stuck and is just fantastic to look at! Activision, in turn, did a very good job while creating this game. You donít know who you can trust and that creates a lot of tension. They have yet again proven that you can enjoy a FPS, whether you want to play it on a PC or console. So to both companies: Keep up the good work, we at love what you're doing! And running around with guns in order to save the day, isnít that the best? On second thought, do you know what's even better than that? Running around with guns that are never out of ammo! The only thing I'm missing now is a shirt that has 'IDKFA' printed on it.

Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Strategy Guide
Brady Games
November 4, 2014