The current masters of the point-and-click genre, Daedalic Entertainment, had invited us to see their newest games. An opportunity we gladly seized. So here is a list of upcoming games from this acclaimed game studio.

The Devils Men is a point and click game in a steampunk environment. Itís all about decision making and the influence your decision has on the game and its story. The world of The Devils Men is a 3D-world and you will find some rpg elements in it. This adds something extra to the game and makes it more interesting. There are therefore several solutions to a situation. Itís not a case of choosing right or wrong, but since you will alternately play with two characters (Adelaide and Emily) you can make it easier or harder for the other character. This game is scheduled for Q2 2015.

Another upcoming game is Fire. Your character is a clumsy caveman named Ungh, who has to master the trickiest task of the Stone Age; finding new fire. Ungh doesnít speak, but he can express himself in other ways. Itís the players task to find out what Ungh is capable of. He has to solve puzzles and to do that, you have a couple of nice possibilities. For example you can make it rain, or switch from night to day. This changes the options you have to solve the puzzle at hand. The cartoony style is cool and fun. The full game will have 10 levels and is scheduled for Q4 2014.

Silence: A Whispered World 2 is the sequel to the game A Whispered World, which DumeeGamerís Daisy Gunpowder reviewed some time ago. The story is about a teenager called Noah and his curious and much younger sister Renie, both playable characters in this game. Renie is lost and Noah has to bring her back. He hopes to find her in the world Silence, the dream world he travelled as the clown Sadwick years ago. But this once so peaceful world is now at war. Will Noah find his sister and can he restore peace at the same time? We will find the answers in Q1 or 2 of 2015.

A lot has happened since the release of Blackguards. So much actually, that the developers felt it was time for a brand new installment of this series. So Blackguards 2 is now announced for Q1 or Q2 of 2015. Blackguards 2 is improved through feedback of gamers. For example , if youíre on the world map you now can see information about the cityís/levels which you can visit. Another nice feature is that you can try to persuade enemy beasts to fight at your side. The Camp is another new feature, a kind of home base for your gathering of heroes. Later on in the game youíll sometimes have prisoners in the camp. You can decide what to do with them. This influences the game in various ways, for example whether you can or canít place bombs before a start of a battle, or whether the citizens of a occupied town will support your efforts or oppose them . So choose wisely.

In association with Nexus Game Studios the self-proclaimed point and geek game Randallís Monday is born. The game centers around geek and pop culture references from the nineties and early 2000. If you look closely you will discover many items you might recognize from your childhood. Among these items are Game Boy, a Shredder mask and floppy disks. Randall is kleptomaniac, a sociopath and an awful friend. He wakes up after a engagements party from his friend Matt, he has a major hangover and finds Mattís wallet in his pocket. In the wallet is a really pretty engagement ring and instead of bringing it back to Matt, he sells the ring. But that triggers a fatal curse which causes many tragedies. Can Randall rectify this conundrum before the situation worsens? In Q3 2014 weíll know more.

Another type of game is brought to us in the form of Oh My Gore. Daedalic and Bumblebee created a game full of pixels, evil and gore. This game is a mix of RTS, tower defense and reverse tower defense. The player will join evil forces and play a deity unrivaled in its viciousness. Its goal: world domination. So the godlike player wants to wipe out all goody-two-shoes from the planet. Players conquer and defend territory. This fall this game will be available in the early access on steam and in 2015 the full game releases.

To us itís very clear; Daedalic Entertainment proves once again why theyíre the absolute masters of the genre. A lot of cool games are currently making their way to our PC with breakneck speed.

We would especially like to thank Claas Wolter, Christina Kaiser, Kevin Mentz, Johannes Kiel, Tassilo Rau & Enric Costa for their time and their tireless efforts in making sure we as players only recieve the best game one could possibly make. A very big DumeeGamer.com thank you to all of you and we hope to see you again!

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